European and American magazines released 5 best care pr…

In the middle of the year, it is the time for major magazines and websites in Europe and America to judge! Today brought to you the five best body care products selected by Self magazine, their sales and reputation are super good, and have been favored by many fashion editors! Night Body Repair No READ MORE

Sunscreen Raiders for 20- and 30-year-old women

Ultraviolet rays are hidden by us every day to invade our skin. Sunscreen has become the designated action every day of the year, and sunscreen is not as simple as applying sunscreen. Women of different ages have different sunscreen preparations for themselves. 20 -year-old woman's sunscreen s READ MORE

Half-fasting therapy is talking health

You make it through the semi-fasting therapy? Half-fasting therapy is not a complete fasting, but a diet plan in a cycle that promotes the recovery of the body's self-healing ability. The principle of semi-fasting therapy for detoxification is to clear the intestines and then clear the blood. H READ MORE

Explore: The Necessity of Pre-printing

In the field of books and packaging and printing, color printing has become the mainstream of printing, and the quality of printed matter is also increasing. However, due to subjective and objective factors, there are not many fine-quality products that can still be compared with foreign high-qual READ MORE

Outdoor brand Meile four series of summer new listings …

The bright sun in early summer shines into the eyes, the light of the eyes, and the youthful heartbeat. Let's Get Outside! is MERRELL's loudest voice, awakening a beautiful yearning for the outdoors. With your heart. What are you waiting for? Going outdoors is not only a step, fun, and enjoy READ MORE

Talking about: micro anti-counterfeiting printing techn…

Precise printing and anti-counterfeiting are the anti-counterfeiting technologies commonly used on banknotes today, mainly due to the difficulty of plate making and high printing requirements, which are not generally available to printing companies and therefore have a good anti-counterfeiting eff READ MORE

An internationally recognized water solvent for viscous…

A group of pulp is placed in a water solvent and dissolved in less than 2 minutes, resulting in filamentous viscous fibers and other products. The technology led by Professor Zhang Xiaona from Wuhan University has been internationally recognized. Professor Zhang Xiaona also won the 2011 Anselme Pa READ MORE