US and European ink market status

In 2003, ink manufacturers have realized that the difficulties facing companies are far beyond their original expectations. Prior to the recovery of Europe’s major economic ministries, the ink manufacturers faced the challenge of how to achieve profitability, reduce production costs, reduce READ MORE

Product Packaging Design and Consumer Psychology (2)

Second, the psychological strategy of product packaging design Consumers are the ultimate market for marketing. The multi-dimensionality and difference of people's consumption psychology decide that the product packaging must have multidimensional emotional appeal in order to attract specific READ MORE

From recycling economy to green packaging

Faced with the increasingly scarce resources and the continuing tensions in coal, electricity and oil transportation, China has to re-examine its own social and economic behaviors and development history and seek a path for sustainable development. To this end, we must establish a scientific conce READ MORE

Jet ink formulation

Formula 1 Components Dosage/g Components Dosage/g Oil-soluble phenolic resin 8.0 Alkyl alcohol polyoxyethylene ether 1.0 Alcohol soluble black AB 8.0 Nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 1.0 Xylene 78 Polyoxyethylene oleamide 0.5 Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether 11.5 Oleic acid 2.0 READ MORE

Integral seal sleeve

Igus has recently introduced a new sealing plastic engineering sleeve for high temperature environments (up to 150°C). This highly wear-resistant engineering plastic sliding sleeve is made of polymer iglidur V400 with an integral fluorocarbon sealing ring. Iglidur V400 is highly chemically resi READ MORE

Image processing apparatus and method, computer program…

Patent name: Image processing apparatus and method, computer program and storage medium Patent application number 4 Publication number: 1517231 Application Date: 2004.01.20 Publication Date: 2004.08.04 Applicant: Japan Canon Inc. The purpose of the present invention is to generate a character ima READ MORE