Waste plastics are made into recycled materials

Waste plastics are made into recycled materials in the following two ways: First, simple regeneration: resin production plant and product processing plant corner material, waste directly melt granulation. Second, processing regeneration: waste plastics → crushing → cleaning ↠READ MORE

Do not worry about plastic bottles of soy sauce vinegar

The wrong view: soy sauce can't be bought in plastic bottles, vinegar can only eat pure rice vinegar. When buying soy sauce, be sure to pick the glass bottle, because the plastic bottle is easy to react. The vinegar and white vinegar on the market contain preservatives, while pure rice vinegar READ MORE

Non-printable design

Rely on the monitor of the computer to choose the color; Use light colors to reverse white; Prefer font sizes of 8point or less; Use more than ten fonts in the same layout; Forget to reserve the bleeding position; Forgot to link the picture information to the publication file; Output with RG READ MORE

Gravure water-based ink is still watching in East Asia

At one time, at the exhibition, he talked with the general manager of an intaglio electronic engraving machine. When asked about the use of electronic engraving gravure ink cones, is it more difficult to use water-based printing inks with greater cohesion? After stepping on his painful feet, he im READ MORE

Collection of stars: Thuja

"Thubai" is a rare species, but in the definition of the collection, several cedars can be called "yabai" because they can all grow on cliffs. It is a clear hobby of collectors to enjoy the famous wooden flowers. A new plant variety has gradually become th READ MORE

This decade of glass and plastic water bottle games

Before the end of the last century, glass mineral water bottles were the first choice for high-quality mineral water products. Especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, recyclable glass bottles have become a traditional custom for mineral water standard packaging, and they ar READ MORE

Anti-rust method of several bearings

Anti-rust surface preparation method: 1) Surface cleaning: The cleaning method must be selected according to the nature of the rust-proof surface and the conditions at that time. Commonly used solvent cleaning methods, chemical cleaning methods and mechanical cleaning methods. 2) The surface can READ MORE