Common sense of wardrobe maintenance! !

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] For the consumer, the deformation of the wardrobe is the most unacceptable, the deformation is mainly concentrated on the wardrobe door, the door, the bending of the laminate, the opening of the cabinet frame, the cracking of the cabinet surface, etc., these a READ MORE

Learn offset roller repair tips

Printing roller does not disassemble the repair technology: A printing machine drum repair technology developed for the actual characteristics of high accuracy of the printing roller, difficult to disassemble, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, etc. This technology can completely repair both ends o READ MORE

China Huaxia Home Expo

China's ultra-large-scale one-stop home decoration procurement exhibition - Shanghai Home Expo was organized by Huamo Exhibition Company and has been successfully held for five sessions. The China (Beijing) Home Expo was also successfully held in Beijing Exhibition Hall in April 2012. Held. Xi READ MORE

Roll core pen holder

The appearance of false teeth has benefited a lot of people. The healthy teeth taken away by the years took away the beautiful appearance and brought the inconvenience of eating. False teeth can not only help restore normal diet, but also bring better personal image th READ MORE

The 7th Guangzhou International Design Week and Guangzh…

Time: December 7-9, 2012 Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center Organizer: Commercial Real Estate Committee of China Real Estate Association The 2012 Art Deco Exhibition is the “Soft Packing Pavilion” of D+B Expo. It is one of the core exhibitions of Guangzhou Internati READ MORE

Homemade Toys - Puzzle Handmade Tutorial

Homemade Toys - Puzzle Handmade Tutorial Production Method: Made from two layers of cardboard cut into the same size. The upper cardboard can be divided into pieces by the scribe line on the pattern, and the lower cardboard is used as the base of the puzzle. The size of READ MORE

Creative home painting

Page 1: Creative home salt painting Page 2: Creative Salt Painting of Fashion Home The Japanese artist has a unique approach and uses ordinary salt to create. Whether it is the "salt" wall, the "salt" painting or the "salt" maze, it has a unique charm and is deeply i READ MORE