Loushan Tablet Wine Platinum Standard

    Platinum label has three characteristics: high brightness, metallic effect and transparent effect. High brightness and metallic effect make the label more eye-catching and play a better promotion effect. The special process brings basic anti-counterfeiting effect. In the printing proc READ MORE

Hot stamping process experience sharing

At present, the cold-hot process has become a hot spot in the Chinese market. In fact, European countries and the United States began to develop this technology many years ago. The Kurz company, as a leader in the hot stamping industry, has been devoting itself to research in this area. At that ti READ MORE

Analysis of green environmental protection packaging de…

The sustainable development of the ecological environment is the most pressing issue faced by human beings in the 21st century. Green packaging design is rooted in the increasingly serious environmental pollution in the process of modern industrial development. People began to explore new concepts READ MORE

HP INDIGO Digital Label Printing Solution

â–  HP Indigo's fastest digital press designed specifically for the label market â–  Has excellent offset quality â–  Second generation digital imaging technology â–  Yours Truly Prepress â–  Excellent industrial roll handling system designed for label printing â–  HP READ MORE

Implementation of monitor color management

In the current open printing system, on-demand printing, computer-to-plate, and digital proofing have encountered color management problems almost everywhere. The importance of color management and color management has long been known. However, the old problem of color management has always plague READ MORE

Waste plastics economic concept and recycling processin…

I. Overview The global economy is booming. Demand for consumer goods is strong. The sales of communication equipment and automobiles have soared. The supply of plastic raw materials has become very scarce. In 2004, the skyrocketing prices of plastic raw materials around the world made the indust READ MORE

Book surface decoration UV coating advantages and types

The surface decoration of books and periodicals belongs to the category of post-press processing for exquisite decoration of books and periodicals. It is generally covered with film, hot stamping, embossing, calendering, embossing, glazing, etc., from environmental protection, cost, efficiency, in READ MORE