Glass bottle entering production licensing process is just around the corner

Glass bottles are an important product in the daily-use silicate industry, and are also traditional products of the packaging industry. They play a significant role in product protection, transportation, and storage. In recent years, frequent food safety incidents have triggered the attention of the whole society to the factors affecting food safety. Food-related products play an important role in safeguarding food safety. Glass bottles as one of the food-related products, although the performance is relatively stable, but the study found that the heavy metals under certain conditions will increase migration and affect food safety. To this end, the country has issued the GB19778-2005 Mandatory Standard for Allowance of Heavy Metal Dissolution in Glass Bottles. In recent years, the phenomenon of detection of excessive heavy metals has occurred from time to time, indicating that glass bottles still have varying degrees of potential safety hazards. The effect of glass bottles on food safety has become One of the important concerns of quality supervision.
China attaches great importance to the quality and safety of food-related products. Since 2006, the state has implemented a market access system for plastics and paper products and food-related products, and food-related products such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood and bamboo products, and food machinery have also been included. The list of production licenses, especially the new "Food Safety Law," has more clearly defined the quality requirements for food-related products. The production licenses for various types of products are also being improved. Due to its own particularity, glass bottles still have problems in the implementation of QS quality and safety licenses, such as explosion wounds involved in the protection of food safety in beer bottles. Recycling bottles, cleaning, new standards and the introduction of new regulations and other issues. Only if the above issues are agreed upon can the task be promoted better.
The country is paying more and more attention to the packaging industry. Users are increasingly strict with the packaging industry. There is still fierce competition among the industry and enterprises. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to improve food safety awareness. The relevant departments have also accelerated the process, and the glass bottles entering the production licensing process are just around the corner. .

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