How to create an advertisement for the makeup under the “limited order”

I feel that there have been many policies and news about TV media recently. In the past few days, the Broadcasting and Television Bureau has introduced a “restricted entertainment order” for the entertainment trend of TV media. After several months, it has become more and more suitable for TV commercials. A lot of phenomena have come to a more awkward " limited order ." The practice of inserting advertisements has been a long-standing phenomenon for TV media. However, with the development of so-called society and civilization, the interests of the audience are paying more and more attention. Therefore, the introduction of policies such as the “limited order” is insufficient. It’s strange. For the New Deal of the Radio and Television Bureau, every TV viewer must be unconditionally welcoming both hands, reflecting respect for the audience, but it is not a good thing for the companies and brands that advertise. Especially for makeup brands whose sales are much lower than skin care products, the impact is more noteworthy.

With the increasing competition, the means used in daily skin care and other industries have also been applied to makeup by many companies, or the use of makeup and skin care . A few years ago, the brand is in the competition spokesperson, you invite the domestic first-line star, I will invite the international, you please the female star, I am the opposite of the way to ask the male star; you spend millions, I spend tens of millions. After competing for the spokesperson, and on the TV media, it is more vigorous, CCTV 3 sets, 8 sets, Hunan Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, various hot TV series, various draft activities, blind date entertainment programs, etc. Wait, it is inseparable from the shadow of the cosmetics brand. I don't know, I think that cosmetics can burn a lot of money in major TV stations all day long. I don't know how high the profits are. I don't know how many companies and brands are kidnapped by TV commercials behind this superficial bustling. It is playing a real version of the speed of life and death, and is fighting.

TV advertising has an extraordinary appeal and influence. For the promotion of the brand, there is a magical magic that has become a magical one. It has been said that as long as there are enough advertisements, the shit can also sell well. This advertisement is basically a TV advertisement. TV commercials have made countless brands and dazzling star companies, such as melatonin, Harbin six, and so on; but the huge cost of TV commercials is like a black hole, not only swallowed huge amounts of money, but also flooded many dazzling stars. The examples of failures such as Aiduo and Qinchi are also on the lookout.

For cosmetics companies, it is not impossible to fight, but to know why to fight, where to fight, how long to play, what purpose to achieve, to have plans and planning, rather than blindly follow the trend, otherwise it will soon be a certain type of "big The crocodile is dragged. In my opinion, the cosmetics industry is a small industry, a small business. A brand of cosmetics annual sales to the level of 10 billion, are the industry's dazzling star level, makeup is even more so, there are only a handful of billions. This sales, for fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages, household appliances, automotive energy, electronic communications, real estate and other industries, is almost a slap in the face, they can easily make tens of billions or even hundreds of billions a year. Sales. What kind of predators are in the fight for cosmetics TV ads? Vanke, Wuliangye, Tsingtao Brewery, China From Mobile ------, look at these heavyweight industries and companies, how do you compare? The annual sales of Tsingtao Brewery is hundreds of millions. Vanke’s net profit for one year exceeds 10 billion. China Mobile has a net profit of more than 100 billion yuan a year. More than 3 billion a day, you go to fight for time. Is it not ridiculous and terrible to bid for advertising? What's more, our make-up sales are still far behind skin care. The author got a bidding result for an advertisement of a famous TV in 2012. I saw that many of our makeup companies are among them. Some time periods and frequencies are really confusing. I think it is a pity that it is almost foreseeable. There are a lot of white flowers and silver in the water, and even a spray will not splash.

The number of variables that can be brought about by this "limited order" is not yet known, but with the implementation of the "limited order", when major TV stations broadcast TV dramas, advertisements will not be inserted in the film, only in the title. And the end of the piece is played. This means that in just a few minutes, a few or even a dozen makeup brands are among them. Don't say ordinary audiences, that is, we can mix in the industry for many years, so that the so-called professionals can remember a few? The saddest reminder is that when the commercials start to be inserted after the end of the TV series, the audience often withdraws their attention from the plot and takes a sigh of relief. It is not changing the channel or going to the bathroom. The millions of TV advertising fees are inevitable with the roar of the toilet. And it’s gone.

With the restrictions on the restrictions, enterprises and TV media will definitely negotiate and adjust, but the TV media has limited resources and is naturally in a strong position. Once the bidding is over, it is impossible to find a way out. It can only be hard on the scalp. I will fight for it in the time and program. For the drawbacks and pains of relying on TV advertising agencies, many skin care products companies are silently accepting, while agents are passively accepting, complaining and suffering. Because the wool is on the sheep, the advertising fee will be turned into a sales task and pressed down on their shoulders. This year’s 10 million missions will be 20 million next year. No one knows when the last straw that crushed them will come down. But they understand that, as this goes on, don't say camels, that is, elephants will be crushed to death sooner or later.

A wise company will remain awake, refuse to get involved in such a bloody competition, do a good job in product quality, stabilize channels, protect the interests of dealers, accumulate credibility and capital, and develop for a long time. Net transmission of a well-known skin care products and their make-up, advertising is overwhelming, but production is out of touch, many days out of stock, the time is up to nearly a year, the loss is naturally unpredictable, all kinds of reasons are intriguing, is not subject to TV advertising The drag is still unknown. The author wishes in this, I hope that after the "limited order", it will bring us a clear understanding of the cosmetics companies, especially the makeup companies, to know that TV advertising is just a propaganda tool, don't put all your treasures here. Above, otherwise it will be very dangerous.

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