Winter skin care "muscle density" full-effect moisturizing simple two-step

In the winter, the air is dry, and the skin is so dry that the skin is dry, and the troubles such as itching and peeling are also emerging. It seems that the moisturizer that is still very useful in the summer is not enough, just let the skin water Run for a while, and feel dry, those who always look like water, what winter is "muscle density"?

Level 1 "muscle density" moisturizing protection oil gland

The air humidity is lowered, the stratum corneum of the skin can not adjust enough moisturizing factors in time, and the active ability of the oil glands is also reduced, the oil content on the face will be reduced, so the skin will be easy to tighten, and the skin will appear fine under the eyes and the nose. Grain. Moisturizing to prevent fine lines. To do a good job of moisturizing, it is necessary to keep the skin moisturized, so as to reduce the fine lines caused by drying.

Moisturizing secret language

1, the skin care products contain vitamins, moisturizing effect will be more obvious;

2, the night is the time to strengthen the skin penetration, this time use moisturizing products, the skin becomes hydrated after getting up.

3, 2 to 3 times a week, with moisturizing products to baby dry skin, especially in autumn and winter, hydrating mask is essential.

Level 2 "Muscle" Hydrating and moisturizing deeper

Compared with moisturizing with more emphasis on oil and water balance, hydrating is more focused on how to get water into the cell, improve skin microcirculation and enhance skin roundness. Therefore, hydrating products generally have a refreshing texture, small molecules and can quickly reach the bottom layer of the skin. .

Water whisper

The hydrating wet spray is the most direct and quickest way to hydrate the skin. In the autumn and winter season, carry a bottle of moisturizing spray to replenish the skin, but remember to use the facial tissue to gently dry the spray, if you can apply it in time The moisturizing cream is even more perfect.

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Plastic Wrap

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