Cypress House Zhong Shicheng: To improve and strive for excellence

[Reporter]: Hello, Mr. Zhong! First of all, please tell us about the participation of the cedar house in this year's furniture exhibition.

[Zhong Shicheng]: Last year's exhibition, because we mainly aimed at brand display, it was not based on dealer orders, because many dealers were still waiting in line last year. This time, the old dealers ordered about 6 million orders, ordering on the spot.

[Reporter]: The effect is still very good.

[Zhong Shicheng]: OK.

Launched pure solid wood series for high-end crowds

[Reporter]: So the biggest feature of this year's furniture exhibition is that creativity changes life. In this exhibition, where is the biggest idea of ​​the cypress family?

[Zhong Shicheng]: This time we mainly made a pure solid wood product adjustment. This time we made the whole solid wood product into a rural white series, which is the first in the home industry, the white style of pure solid wood.

[Reporter]: When we walk into the cypress house, we can feel a pastoral style. What is the main market positioning?

[Zhong Shicheng]: Now it is mainly promoted in the national first- and second-level markets. The consumer groups are still relatively wide, including white-collar workers, civil servants, including annual incomes of more than 100,000, including acceptance of 1 million or less.

[Reporter]: It is very important for the brand of relatively high-end people. It is very important to promote the work. Specifically, what is the promotion of the cypress family?

[Zhong Shicheng]: We are also cooperating with the media. The second one of our company's own website is also doing. The third year of this year's advertising, especially the promotion of TV commercials, will be more powerful.

Launching a free design service for customers to enhance the brand

[Reporter]: Nowadays, many furniture brands have upgraded their brands. What strategies does the cypress family have in this regard?

[Zhong Shicheng]: Last year we had a Senna village series. This year we will launch a free service. For example, if you buy home furniture, we will design it for you free of charge. Even if you don’t buy our products, you will be free to design, as long as you It is the customer who comes to our store. The customer gives us a drawing, and the size is measured at the customer's home. Then the furniture is designed and set up so that the customer can see the real effect. I used to buy furniture and I designed it casually. When I got home, I found that the size of this wardrobe was not very harmonious, and it might be blocked for a while.

[Reporter]: This brings great convenience to consumers.

[Zhong Shicheng]: And this is all free stuff.

[Reporter]: What is the development trend of the cypress family in Chengdu?

[Zhong Shicheng]: This year we have a store in Chengdu, which is Jiufeng International, which will open on July 15.

[Reporter]: In what position?

[Zhong Shicheng]: On the Sichuan-Tibet Road, it is opposite the Red Star Macalline. Now the cedar family has four stores in Chengdu, and Jiufeng International has opened the fifth store.

[Reporter]: What do you think of the impact of this year's national real estate regulation and control policy on furniture companies?

[Zhong Shicheng]: In fact, the launch of the social housing is a good thing for us, because the security room is very strong. The second one lives in the security room. He is not paying less for a house, more money for furniture, and we are more this year. Push this piece and seize this opportunity.

Participating in furniture fairs is not for selling goods, but for learning and upgrading.

[Reporter]: What do you think is the significance of furniture exhibition for furniture enterprises?

[Zhong Shicheng]: The meaning of the furniture exhibition is more. I don’t think there are many dealers to exhibit and sell, but the attitude of competition learning. I will participate in this exhibition, we will also see other companies, others are better than me. Doing better, in some aspects, including dealers from all over the country will give advice, we will improve, go to excellence, the purpose of the exhibition is to improve product quality.

[Reporter]: It also provides a chance for dealers to communicate with each other.

[Zhong Shicheng]: Right.

[Reporter]: Ok, because of the time relationship, I will talk about it here, thank you!

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