Evaluation: The strong Nordic style Quokufanshi sofa


The elegant and rustic style creates an extraordinary feeling and also shows a strong Nordic home concept. The United States imports thickened all-green leather sofa fabrics soft and comfortable, the internal sponge is environmentally friendly and high-elastic, and the tower spring structure adds comfort and support, giving the human body a more relaxed and attached seating support.


Before choosing a sofa, be sure to measure the size of the living room, avoiding the sofa too large, occupying the entire living room, or the sofa is too small, and the living room is particularly empty.

When choosing a sofa, you should fully consider your family. For the elderly, the height of the sofa sitting surface should be moderate. If it is too low, it is not convenient to sit down and get up; for newlyweds, consider the future child when buying a sofa. Safety and durability after birth, the sofa should not have sharp edges and corners.

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