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Marmot: World's Top Outdoor Brand

MARMOT was born in April 1971 on the ice field in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. MARMOT's English is a prairie dog. The cute prairie dog lives in a high mountain area and is integrated with mountains. MARMOT is one of the most famous outdoor brands in the United States and the world's top outdoor brand. The secret of MARMOT products to maintain their leading position in the world lies in the extensive use of the latest technology, fabrics, materials and production technologies in the world today, such as the latest “Gore-Tex XCR” fabrics, the world's highest-900 down fluffy down, and protein-active enzyme PreCip pressure-sensitive fabrics. , DriClime material known as "three-dimensional sweat wicking", super windproof breathable WindStopper and DryLoft fabrics, POLARTEC series, Polarguard3d triangular shaped long-fiber hollow cotton, super absorbent CoolMax materials and so on. The design of all MARMOT products is known as “professional bionic, people-oriented, all-weather function”. MARMOT delivers a concept to outdoor enthusiasts: MARMOT FOR LIFE.

Each year, the MARMOT brand supplies hundreds of models of apparel, sleeping bags, gloves, tents, and backpacks to global professional outdoor sports people. In dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, thousands of specialty stores provide warm and thoughtful services for nature-loving "Woodhog". From climbing 3km to Alaska Mountain, to snowboarding in Vermont, or riding on the beach at Golden Gate Park, the groundhog jacket always gives you comfort, durability, and weather protection.

From the skin to the coat, the groundhog's dress system can provide the user with the dress combinations associated with their movements. Each tailored dress combination can meet the needs of each sport.

The series of revolutionary outdoor sportswear that incorporates sports and high technology has the characteristics of lighting, communication, entertainment, and safety. It has become the mainstream part of the groundhog coat and is the first in a series of outdoor sportswear.

MARMOT's most advantageous outdoor sports equipment is: clothing, sleeping bags, gloves, tents, backpacks and so on. Each year, hundreds of styles are provided to global distributors and sold in thousands of specialty stores in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, European Community countries, Japan, and Asia.

Marmot Contact: Affiliation: Beijing Ruiji Yifeng International Trade Co., Ltd. Tel, 64649658, 64649728
Brand fax contact address: A, 318, Guomen Building, No.1 Zuojiazhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Postal Code: 100028

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