Home furnishing companies want to push "clear price" to meet four difficulties

In view of the fact that the actual home recently proposed to push the "clear price", the industry said that the implementation of "clear price" has no real meaning, and businesses can still "black-box operation." There are also opinions that it is difficult to mark the price clearly. If there is a leading store and the merchants take the lead, the "clear price" may promote the integrity trading and benign competition in the home market.

Difficulties: Channel management and control ability is low and unified pricing is difficult

There are many kinds of building materials, furniture products, non-standard products, diversified sources of supply, post-sale transportation and installation costs are also different due to regions, it is difficult to form a perfect price system and price supervision means. Even if the manufacturer stipulates a uniform market price, the final selling price of each region will be different due to the inconsistent product size, the promotion behavior of dealers in different regions, and the operating costs.

"In addition to the promotion of the 'dead price', the general merchants will be more or less discounted according to the rental cost and logistics equipment cost." Liu Xinmin, director of Dongpeng Sanitary Ware Marketing Department, believes that the implementation of "clear price" is low in operation, meaning little. The most difficult point is that the current building materials market products have not formed standards, the operating costs of businesses are opaque, and the ability of manufacturers to control the supply channels is insufficient.

Xu Jinxuan, chairman of Tao Yilang, also questioned the operability of “clear price”. "The cost of the dealers and agents is different, and the sales price is inevitably different. The 'solid price' can be reduced from the price difference between the regions, and the price changes in each time period will be reduced, and the actual price will be gradually realized."

Difficulties 2: The industry market is not mature

"I think it is very difficult to implement the actual price of furniture." Wen Bin, director of Zhida's home brand, said that the domestic furniture market is not mature yet, and the homogenization is serious. If the price is not working, many brands cannot survive. However, will the actual price of the code be the trend of the future development of the furniture industry? Wen Bin believes that it is unlikely at least in the short term. Compared with more mature industries such as home appliances and department stores, the furniture industry is not yet mature, and the industry concentration is low. He introduced that taking home appliances as an example, the industry has produced several giants, which can lead the industry to a more standardized and clear price.

“The brand concentration of furniture industry is low. Now there are 60,000 furniture enterprises above the national scale, and below the scale, there should be nearly 100,000 and the brand is at least 150,000.” Wen Bin lamented that such a huge In the industry, the difficulty of management is actually quite large. He also told the Foshan Daily reporter that Zhida is an example. Now manufacturers can only set a uniform retail price for dealers, and the discount size promotion should be determined according to the dealer's own needs.

The reporter had previously learned that the price tag of the Sophia wardrobe in the five districts of Foshan was set by the headquarters, but different stores will play different discounts.

Difficult three: "clear code price" can still be black-box operation

Wang Linpeng, the president of the Real Home, put forward the idea of ​​“clear price”, aiming to shift the energy of the merchants to improve the management level of the store, the concern of the merchants on the quality of the products and the quality of the consumer service.

In an interview with the Foshan Daily reporter, Zhong Haizhou, assistant to the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, said that the current business still holds extensive marketing ideas, and most of them promote turnover through regular “price wars” and “promotional wars”, through cost and sales prices. The difference between the profits is obtained.

In addition, large discounts, high cash back, shopping mall subsidies, vouchers, buyout prices and other promotional means make the merchants have to mark the virtual price in the early stage.

However, Liu Xinmin believes that the actual price of the merchants can not contain the "promotional warfare" between the merchants, and the black-box operation may be carried out in disguise. "Businesses reduce the price, after discount, promotional gimmicks are gifts, subsidies, cash and other preferential means, consumers will also choose to buy between the brand's preferential level."

Another issue worth worrying about is that merchants will reduce installation, transportation, warranty and other additional services in disguise to reduce operating costs.

Difficult four: consumers have become a habit

It is understood that in recent years, in the Foshan area, the complaints against the home improvement building materials industry mostly include “goods are not right”, and there are basically no cases of complaints due to price fraud and high price.

Xie Rujuan, Minister of Complaints and Legal Affairs of the Consumer Council of Foshan City, told reporters that buying homes and buying ceramic tiles is a normal phenomenon. Many domestic consumers also accept the process of “bargaining”.

"The foreign market does not have the bargaining price. As a mature and well-known brand, it should not be discounted. The salesperson should focus on introducing products and providing intimate services." Xu Jinxuan talked about his experience in foreign countries. Said.

The building materials market first marked the virtual price, and then bargained, and the discounted consumption pattern seems to match the consumption psychology of many domestic citizens. In fact, some consumers do not like bargaining, and they will not feel because they cannot touch the "price black hole". Peace of mind.

Ms. Qi, who had worked in the Hongxing Meikailong International Home Furnishing Chain for many years, told the reporter that many consumers who bought household products reported that because of the incompetence, the transaction price of the products was “not at the end”, which led to the purchase of products. More time and effort than three.

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