Learn offset roller repair tips

Printing roller does not disassemble the repair technology:

A printing machine drum repair technology developed for the actual characteristics of high accuracy of the printing roller, difficult to disassemble, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, etc. This technology can completely repair both ends of the drum, bite the mouth, without the disassembly of the printing machine drum. Corrosion at the tip of the tip, abrasion, and foreign body damage to the roller.

The special point of its craft:

There is no need for disassembly during repair, no heating, no deformation, no external force, and no change in original accuracy.

Repair of all materials is an exclusive research and development of nickel-based new materials, corrosion resistance, wear resistance is much higher than the raw materials, so after the repair of the drum's life is higher than new products.

The repair cycle is short and the repair work can be terminated at any time, and urgent orders can be urgently printed.

Such as: roller, bite mouth, supporting tip, ink roll, plate hole, tooth row bar, open tooth plate, cam, splint, dental plate axis, guide rails and other mechanical parts of the wear, crushing, corrosion.

Mechanical parts repair range:

Various imported and domestic high-precision molds, crankshafts, rolling mills, watts, printing press drums, plungers, cylinders, oil pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinder liners, chrome rods, gear keyways, rotor bearings, bearing positions, etc. Material, different shapes of mechanical parts broken, cracked, scratched, worn, sealed, plugging. Flange, pipes, valves, etc. do not stop with pressure seal, plugging.

Mechanical process features:

The process of repairing mechanical parts is always at normal temperature, without deformation, no internal stress, no annealing, softening, and no potential impact of breakage or cracking.

No shedding, no hard spots, high bonding strength

The repair site has high mechanical performance. By selecting the same material to meet the technical requirements of different performances, the repaired mechanical parts can exceed the new ones in terms of hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The outstanding features of the process are:

The printing machine drum needs no disassembly, no temperature, no deformation, no external force during the repair process, and the original machine printing accuracy does not change. The material used for the repair is an exclusively developed metal repair material. Its corrosion resistance and wear resistance are as durable as the original material.

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