Classification of the blueprints and their characteristics

Nowadays all the world's production of blueprints and color varieties are more generally classified according to the way.

1, according to the speed of light, there are: slow, medium speed, high speed, high speed

With regard to the speed of light on blueprints, there is no universal standard at present. In accordance with China's habits and the industry's opinion is more consistent with the division method, is based on the original light industry department QB738-80 standard stipulated in the method to measure the speed of light speed data divided. Both:

Low speed 55-70 seconds Medium speed 40-50 seconds High speed 30-35 seconds High speed 20-25 seconds

2, according to the development method, there are: dry wet law two categories.

Dry methods include ammonia fuming and heat display;

Wet methods include semi-dry, semi-wet, and pressure methods.

Among these development methods, ammonia fuming development is most commonly used. Thermal imaging is just a very small special part. Because of this type of blueprint, the coating is mixed with an alkali release agent, which shortens the effective period. When chemicals evaporate, they pollute the air, and their use is limited.

The concept of semi-dry and semi-wet methods means that liquid is applied to the surface of paper when developing. Later, due to many improvements, the paper was too wet to be felt. So called semi-dry or semi-wet. But now, these two words have given new meanings. The so-called semi-dry method is an organic solvent solvent solution, mainly alkaline, for two-component printing blueprints. The so-called semi-wet method is a developer using water as a solvent, most of which is neutral or slightly acidic, and is used for one-component printing blueprints.

The pressure method (PD method) is a cold display method. In recent years, this method has been improved. After development, the paper surface is essentially dry. It is only suitable for use on special processed blueprints and special blueprint machines. At present, the United States market has a greater acceptance of this method, especially in areas where ammonia discharge is difficult, and it is more appropriate to use it.

3, according to the line color, there are: red, brown, yellow, blue, purple, black

4, according to the shape of the shape, there are: roll paper, flat paper, folded paper and so on.

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