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Backpack is the backpack of shoulders. According to different purposes is divided into shoulders, shoulders shoulder movement computer backpack, backpack, backpack backpack, backpack and beam rope bags, backpacks, mountaineering bag and so on. According to the different materials and a Canvas Bag, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth. The back structure of Shoulder Bag directly determines the use and grade of backpack. The structure of the back of the famous brand computer shoulder bag is quite complicated. At least six pieces of pearl cotton or EVA are used as the air cushion and even the aluminum frame. The shoulders of the general backpack is a piece of 3MM around the pearl cotton breathable board, the simplest bundle pocket type backpack, in addition to the backpack itself materials, there is no liner material. The quality of computer backpack is better, but the style is less. Sports backpack style choice more, but the material work in general. Fashion backpack is small, but suitable for ladies to use in informal occasions

Backpack  bag

Backpack Bag

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