New Intaglio Printing Ink: Polaroid PTP Aluminum Foil Printing Ink

Polaroid PTP aluminum foil printing ink is a newly developed gravure printing ink specially used for high-grade aluminum foils for medical packaging and decorative materials, as well as printing of aluminized films and papers. It has excellent adhesion, water resistance and oil resistance. Excellent printability.

Ingredients: Vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymer resin Solvents: aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, ethyl acetate

1. Has excellent water resistance and oil resistance.
2. It has good transparency and gloss, and aluminum foil has excellent reproducibility of metallic gloss.
3. Has a vivid color and a fairly high color density.
4 has a good on-board stability.

Physical indicators:
Colored liquid
2. Solid content 5%-35%
3. Viscosity Zahn cup 4# (25°C) 20-50 seconds

Printing conditions:
1. Ink printing viscosity: Zahn cup 3 # 16-25 seconds (25 °C, printing speed 50-100 meters / min).
2. Drying conditions: soft aluminum foil 50-80°C, hard aluminum foil 140-160°C, 5 seconds.
3. Dilute: Use our company's PTP varnish (only reduce the color concentration, do not reduce the viscosity)

Use cautions:
1. Shake well before use.
2. The drying temperature and drying time during printing must be sufficient. Attachment: Thinner: (Appropriate solvent ratio according to printing conditions, see below)
Standard Slow Drying Fast Drying Toluene 50 40 20
Butanone 30 20 20
Ethyl 20 60
Butyl ester 40

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