Kodak NexPress 2100 Color Digital Press

The Kodak NexPress 2100 has the stable quality of a production press and the flexibility of the printer. Its printing speed reaches 2100 pages A4/hour, resolution 600dpi, can print 80~300g/m2 paper. With the addition of the fifth imaging unit solution, Kodak's NexPress 2100 can perfectly reproduce Pantone colors, and the four-color analog spot color effect and spot color application scheme print effects are all Paotone certified. At the same time, through electronic paging, it can generate binding capacity on a variety of media, which has similar binding options for offset printing.

As a pet owner, you surely know how upsetting it would be after dogs play in the lawn. They not only dig and destroy the lawn, but also leave muddy paws on your floors, carpets, clothes, etc. Choose artificial grass can be a good idea.

Mighty is a Chinese synthetic grass supplier with more than 10 years of experience. We have a comprehensive understanding about what pet owners need for pet turfs. Our synthetic dog grasses are easy to clean, pet-friendly, no muddy paw prints and non-toxic, assuring you and your four legged friends a comfortable and safe environment. We are able to customize artificial grasses exactly meeting your demands, please feel free to contact Mighty!

Key Points for Artificial Grasses for Pets
1. Playing Area

No matter how many pets you have, Mighty artificial turf offers a good place for playing.

2. Good Drainage
The artificial grass yarn is designed with a proper drainage system, ensuing no liquids and odors.

3. Non-Toxic Fiber
The grass fiber is odorless and harmless to your pets.

Advantages of Mighty Artificial Grass
1. Backed by state-of-the-art weaving technology, Mighty synthetic grasses have such advantages as excellent abrasion resistance, rebound resilience, anti-slip, soft feel and high uprightness.
2. Compared to natural grass pitches, the synthetic pitch requires less maintenance and provides high cost efficiency.

Artificial Grass For Pets

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