High-speed constant tension multicolor printing machine

Patent Name High Speed ​​Constant Tensile Multicolour Printing Machine Patent Applicant Li Yi Principal Applicant Address 714000 Inventor Li Yi Application No. 326, Dongfeng Street, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province (Patent) No. 200420041770.2 Date of Application 2004.04.11 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 2745747 Date of Approval Notice 2005.12.14 Manual CD-ROM D0550 Main classification number B41F17/06 Classification No. B41F17/06 Division Original number of application Priority item Abstract High-speed constant-tension multicolor printing press is a packaging and printing machine, automatically controlled by computer, capable of plastic film, paper Multi-color continuous printing of textile tapes, textiles, etc., automatic tension control system composed of newly designed constant tension registration mechanism, constant tension roller mechanism, digital tension sensor, digital tension controller, rotation speed monitor and central computer. Automatic operation control system, automatic registration system, automatic control of color registration, automatic control of tape tension, automatic control of the start-up, running, and shutdown of the printing press. It is used when start, run, stop, pair registration and impression roll landing. It can maintain the set tension of the strip, and it can realize the first time to the board when the machine is stopped. Color, the intelligent printer, print quality and speed has improved significantly. Sovereignty Item 1. The high-speed constant tension multi-color printing press is composed of a discharging unit, each printing unit and a receiving unit connected in series. The feature is: each unit adopts a newly designed constant tension registration mechanism, a constant tension roller mechanism, Digital tension sensors, digital tension controllers, speed monitors, and central computers compose an automatic tension control system, an automatic operation control system, and an automatic version system.

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