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Patent Name: Handle Packing Plywood Patent Applicant Fu Changzhi Principal Applicant Location: 063500 Int'l City, Hebei Province, Funan City, Dongcheng City, Tangshan City, Yannan Production Co., Ltd. Inventor Fu Changzhi Application (Patent) No. 200420016446.5 Application Date 2004.07.23 Certification Date Auditing Announcement Number 2714448 Auditing Notice Day 2005.08.03 Manual Disc Number D0531 Main Classification Number B65D61/00 Classification Number B65D61/00 Division Original Application Number Priority Item Abstract A kind of handle plywood packaging splint, the splice plate consists of a body and The groove is embedded in the groove, and the embedded groove is buckled on the main body. The main body and the embedded groove are provided with positioning holes that penetrate the upper and lower sides. Due to the above structure, the contact portion of the wooden handle of the crucible is a snap-in structure, and the two clamps are tightened and pressed at three points by screws, so that the slide portion does not slide or move and can be effectively avoided. Due to multiple loading and unloading, problems such as product scribing and scratching occurred. The plywood package greatly improves work efficiency compared with the existing lead wire and hemp twine. And plywood can be reused to save money. Plywood packaging looks neat and beautiful. Easy to load and unload. Sovereignty item 1. A splint for packaging used for packaging, comprising a splint body, characterized in that the splice plate is composed of a main body and an embedded groove, the embedded groove is buckled on the main body, and the main body and the embedded groove are provided with a top-bottom through Positioning holes. International Application International Publication Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Tangshan Yonghe Patent Office Agency Address Agent Wang Yonghong

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