Corrugated box production quality inspection should pay attention to matters

The perfect quality inspection should include the following aspects:

First, the inspection of raw materials

Paper packaging companies in addition to paper, there are other materials, such as paste materials: starch, fire alkali, borax and so on. Thermal energy raw materials: coal. Printing, binding materials: ink, latex, flat yarn. Plate making materials: resin, rubber, etc. Whether these things are qualified or not will affect the quality of the product.

Second, the production process of self-test and mutual inspection

There are many paper packaging production processes. For example, the production of corrugated cartons goes through many processes such as paperboard synthesis, slitting, indentation, printing, slotting (die cutting), loading (bonding), and binding. Therefore, the self-checking and mutual inspection of each process quality is very important.

Third, the finished product storage and inspection before leaving the factory

The inspection of the finished product before it is put into storage is generally conducted by the workshop director or a full-time inspector; the factory inspection is generally conducted by a full-time inspector. Only qualified products can be stored and delivered.

Fourth, strict accountability

Due to errors in technology and process documents, resulting in quality problems, it is necessary to pursue the responsibility of the technicians; due to unqualified production, the responsibility of the production personnel must be investigated; because the inspectors are not careful in their work, the evaluation is inaccurate, and the responsibility of the inspectors must be investigated; If the product is issued after inspection by the inspector and a quality problem occurs, the responsibility of the delivery personnel shall be investigated.

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