What are the requirements for an ideal coating oil and coating quality?

In addition to having a colorless, odorless, strong gloss, rapid drying, and chemical resistance, the ideal coating oil must also have the following properties.

1 film transparency, no discoloration. Decorative prints to obtain excellent glazing effect depends on the formation of a colorless, transparent film on the surface of the printed sheet, and the graphic does not change color after drying. And it should not be discolored or yellowed due to sun exposure or long use.

2 film has a certain degree of wear resistance. Some glossy prints require some abrasion resistance and scratch resistance after polishing. Because of the assembly line production processes such as high-speed box-making machines, cardboard boxes and packaging machines, and book covers, the surface of prints is subject to friction and must therefore have wear resistance.

3 has a certain degree of flexibility. The glossy film formed on the surface of any type of varnish must maintain good elasticity so that it can adapt to the flexibility of paper or paperboard, and it will not be damaged or cracked or peeled off.

4 Film resistance to environmental performance is better. After glazing, some of the printed matter is used to make all kinds of packaging cartons. In order to be able to protect the products being packaged, the glazing film layer must have good environmental resistance. For example: The packaging of food, cigarettes, cosmetics, clothing and other commodities must have moisture-proof and mildew-proof properties. In addition, the chemical properties of the dried film must be stable. Do not change the performance due to contact with a weak acid or weak base or other chemical substance in the environment.

5 has a certain adhesion to the print surface. Due to the integral density value of surface ink layers, the printability of the printed matter is greatly reduced. In order to prevent the dry and cracked film from drying after use, it is required that the film has strong adhesion, and the ink and ink transfer are used in various types. Accessories have a certain degree of adhesion.

6 Good leveling and smooth film surface. There are various types of materials for printing materials, and the effects of printed graphics, such as the surface absorptivity, smoothness, and wettability, are very different. In order to make the coating on the surface of different products can form a smooth film layer, it requires coating oil. Leveling is good, film surface is smooth after film formation.

7 Printability is wide after printing. After the glazing of prints, it is generally required to go through the post-process processing, such as: molding processing, stamping and electro-aluminum processing. therefore. It is required that the post-printing processing of the coating film should be wide enough. For example, the heat resistance is better. After the electro-aluminization is stamped, no sticking phenomenon can occur; the solvent resistance is high, and the dried film cannot be blisters, wrinkles, and hair due to the influence of the adhesive in the post-processing. Viscosity phenomenon.

In order to obtain the desired glazing effect, in the coating process, the coating of the varnish should meet the following requirements: (1) The coating layer of the coating is uniform, free of blisters, free from bubbles, and free of paint. 2 The coating amount is appropriate, and the coating can be dried and dried at a certain temperature and a coating speed. 3 coating is not affected by printing ink performance, printing image area and integral density value, leveling is good, and has a certain adhesion with the print surface. 4 coating in the calendering, can adhere to the surface of the calender belt, after cooling it can be easily peeled off.

Advantages of conventional printed moiré anti-counterfeiting designs

How to avoid moiré in printing is a problem that researchers and printers are very concerned about. This problem has also contributed to the development and application of FM technology. However, does the existence of any thing, besides avoiding its negative influence, still make the best use of it? Is this "odd" line that affects print quality and perception, is it really useless, and can it be used effectively? , Maybe it can play a definite value without being hated by people. At this time, we think of this kind of often-present, often-changing moiré pattern used to set up spurious obstacles. Can be used successfully and effectively, then we can predict that this kind of technology will be a simple and economical anti-counterfeiting method.Although this kind of obstacle can not avoid the possibility of being bypassed, but it can achieve the anti-counterfeiting performance and the In terms of cost, this will be a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology with a relatively high “cost-effectiveness”.

First, the advantages of the anti-counterfeiting of the tortoise shell At present, in the process of making the product non-reproducible and imitation, the special paper, special ink, special printing and other special procedures and other technologies and their applications and production require the technology, equipment and funds. The input is not equal. Therefore, how to design anti-counterfeit packaging and use simple, practical, effective, and economical anti-counterfeit technologies to avoid unnecessary input become the pain in many manufacturers.

The imitation effect is achieved by applying the moiré generated in the plate making technique in the normal printing conditions and processes. The advantage of this approach is that, in terms of production costs, due to the use of conventional printing methods, printing elements such as paper, ink, and printing machinery can use conventional models and equipment of the printing mechanism, thus eliminating the need for special introduction. The cost of capital equipment, technical maintenance, and human resources to increase equipment or increase special operations are more economical and practical. From the aspect of effectiveness, the process of making moiré changes through the parameter setting of the moiré is simple, but its regularity is difficult to grasp. Its low-end imitation, such as scanning, color copying, etc., is difficult to achieve. It is spurious and therefore more reliable and effective.

From the point of view of application, the use of tortoise-prevention can be printed and made into commercial anti-counterfeiting labels or directly used in product accessories such as product descriptions. It is beautiful and obvious, and can be used in combination with other anti-counterfeiting technologies for a wide range of uses. These advantages highlight the superiority of its performance/price ratio compared to other printing methods. This is the driving force behind our in-depth study of the properties of the moiré and the feasibility of anti-counterfeiting.

Second, the realization of the tortoise anti-counterfeiting How to use the moire, without destroying the effect of the main part of the design image, to achieve the effect of anti-counterfeiting? Here is the application of spot color version.
In packaging printing, it is often necessary to print a spot color on a company-specified color. This requires the area of ​​this color feature to be represented in the form of a spot channel during the design process. In the later color separation screen, the spot color channel was processed as the fifth film after CNYK. After CMYK is printed, it is printed with a spot color ink. Even in the special requirements of product packaging and printing, there are several kinds of spot colors, such as reprint of special funds, special silver and so on.

Source: China Business Forum

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