Tianling Chemical Releases YR-5183 Thixotropic Cover Oil

The YR-5183 thixotropic cover oil developed and produced by Tianling Fine Chemicals (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is a new product developed for customers on the basis of YR-5182 and YR-5183 cover oil, especially suitable for large-area full-scale printing. Surface printing and water transfer printing.

The product has the following characteristics: 1. Excellent thixotropic performance, suitable for automatic printing press printing, and the printing surface is smooth without any resin vertical flow, no ink flying and no wire drawing. 2. It has the characteristics of excellent film thickness stretching and flexibility, large process latitude, and it does not break during extreme large area curved water transfer. 3. Softness can be maintained without breaking under cold winter conditions. 4. The resin decomposition temperature is below 500°C. The ash content of the finished product is small and its quality is stable.

Reprinted from: Screen Printing Industry

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