Special Printing: "Combination Party" in Packaging

With the intensification of market competition and the advent of the consumer personalized era, the standardized, high-volume, single-packaged model of the industrial era has become obsolete. Differentiated operations have become the choice of many enterprises, especially mid-to-high-end companies. Packaging naturally becomes an attraction for many businesses. One of the first choices for consumers’ eyeballs. In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology and the growth of various specialization needs, special printing technologies have developed unprecedentedly and penetrated into various fields of packaging and printing, thus creating a huge market space, which has not only provided us with the driving force from customer needs. There is also a variety of special technical processes in the reserve and market competition to open up new space within the drive, we need and may be in the special process, special inks and special materials, matching, integration of a new road, in the industry Come on.

Cosmetic label printing new stunt

Due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be both protective, functional, and decorative, and any neglect can affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance of cosmetic packaging. In a variety of stores, which brands can "jump" out of a large number of brands, attracting consumers first, and "taking over" their eyeballs, it is enough to seize the larger market. Share. Therefore, cosmetics merchants' love for packaging, attention and continuous innovation will also provide us with new business opportunities.

The traditional way of printing cosmetics labels is mainly screen printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Most of them have now turned to self-adhesive labels, and the demand for film label materials is also rapidly increasing. At the same time, the technical content is also becoming higher and higher. Previously, only a single pattern printed on the bottle body in the form of a screen could be used to obtain beautiful color effects through offset and flexo printing. Due to the special shape and diversity of cosmetic shapes, there are many irregular surface shapes, so the material requirements for the label are very high. It is required that the label fits well with the bottle body in the cosmetics, and there is no air bubbles or warping. The large-scale industrial production requires automatic labeling, which requires the labels to be very good, and these are inconsistent with the customer's requirements for light and soft labels. How to harmonize and unify the two must be jointly developed by all parties.

At present, label printing companies are relatively small in scale, lack of clear professional division of labor, decentralized investment, disorderly competition in technology, prices, and services, lack of industry organizations in label printing, and poor information flow in the industry. These are obstacles to cosmetics packaging. The bottleneck in the development of label printing needs urgent integration, which will increase the scale and professionalism of the entire industry, including the integration of technology, equipment, and manufacturers.

In the new process of cosmetics label printing, in-mold labeling not only has better anti-counterfeiting capabilities, it can achieve the same effect as the screen printing of the bottle body and printing, and at the same time, there is no breakage between the label edge and the bottle body. Without the possibility of rising and rising bubbles in traditional labels, the cost is also lower than traditional labels. It is a new type of labeling technology with great potential. However, since the in-mold labeling container is produced, it is impossible to change the label, which has an impact on the production flexibility. This requires the manufacturer to have an accurate sales forecast for the product. At present, there are not many domestic cosmetics manufacturers that have reached this level, which limits the development of in-mold labeling. However, because in-mold labeling has the unparalleled advantages of ordinary labels, it and double-sided labels, film labels, ultra-transparent labels, etc., will all be the development trend of label printing of mid-to-high end cosmetics and even other products.

Stereoscopic printing, pioneering new fields

Three-dimensional printing has a three-dimensional sense, strong sense of realism, rich layers, good gloss, bright colors, not easy to fade and so on. Thanks to the rapid development of computer software technology in recent years, stereoscopic image capture methods can now use professional stereoscopic image software to directly process flat images in layers and convert them into stereoscopic images, which is more convenient and advanced than previous stereoscopic photographing techniques.

The performance of three-dimensional printing on stationery decoration is particularly prominent. From rulers, stationery boxes to various notebooks, Folder covers, to calendars, desk calendars, postcards, even mouse pads, playing cards, etc., there is a place for three-dimensional printing. In particular, some commonly used children's stationery, because the three-dimensional printing to meet the child's hunting psychology, more deeply loved by children.

In addition, window advertisements, advertising hangtags, alcohol and tobacco anti-counterfeit, food, medicines, cosmetics and other daily necessities, or external packaging, are fertile ground for the survival and development of three-dimensional printing.

At present, regardless of the development of related technology or market demand, it has provided good support for the development of three-dimensional printing, and three-dimensional printing has entered a new period of development opportunities. In terms of technology, professional software has entered the field of three-dimensional printing, but ordinary image software is still in fashion. Some professional software has become familiar with the field of three-dimensional printing. Some large-scale three-dimensional printing companies in China have begun to use it. However, generally speaking, ordinary image software (such as Photoshop, etc.) is still favored by most three-dimensional printing companies. Although there are factors that professional software is expensive, it is more a kind of “relaxation complex” in terms of technology dependence. The technologies that are already familiar are not willing to give up. They are unwilling to try and learn about cutting-edge technologies. This is a taboo for innovation. The author believes that for those companies that are interested in becoming industry leaders in this area, they must keep up with cutting-edge technologies. While maintaining technological continuity, they must constantly update and upgrade, so that they can show a unique personality in terms of differentiation. In turn, it wins the favor of customers, occupies the high end of the market and strives for the status of the first batch of entrants, and provides the company with a huge profit from “harvesting” the dominant advantage.

In terms of printing equipment, with the application of UV technology and the continuous maturity, many equipment manufacturers have introduced various types of UV offset presses. At the same time, the innovation of offset printing equipment has greatly promoted the development of three-dimensional printing. Printing plastic sheets with an offset printing press is no longer a problem. Printing directly on a raster can be realized. As a result, the production efficiency of three-dimensional printing is greatly improved. Product accuracy has enough guarantees.

In terms of environmental protection, it is necessary to attract special attention. Regardless of whether it is at home or abroad, environmental protection issues are stepping up legislation. The three-dimensional printing products that are directly in contact with consumers, such as stationery, food packaging, or children's toys, have received widespread attention for their safety and health issues. The three-dimensional small cards previously installed in instant noodle bags were once popular with children but have now been restricted due to food safety and hygiene issues. As for undertaking foreign orders, it is necessary to improve the craftsmanship, materials, and environmental protection to comply with the laws of Europe and the United States. The environmental protection issue involves almost all consumables in the three-dimensional printing, including grating materials, inks, papers, adhesives, and the like. To be non-toxic and harmless, it will naturally increase production costs. However, companies should realize that doing environmental protection products is the only way out; otherwise, they will be eliminated first in the future industry reshuffle.

The prospects of the three-dimensional printing market are promising, and there can be greater development in some new areas. The three-dimensional four-dimensional animation printing can obtain dynamic images by changing observation angles. If the printed three-dimensional prints are called three-dimensional space prints, and the dynamic factors are added, a new four-dimensional animation print can be produced. More novelty. At present, large-area three-dimensional printing light box advertising is still rare, but in fact the advertising industry has already had many attempts. Because large-format advertising printing has high requirements for rasters and inks, and the production cost is too high, it has not been accepted by general lightbox advertisers. The lightbox advertising market is fiercely competitive. Advertisers must come up with some new and more attractive forms to attract customers. Therefore, research and development in this area is very valuable. If we strictly control technically and produce exquisite three-dimensional prints, at the same time, the relative cost reduction to the mental line that our customers can accept will be favored by some high-end customers first. If we can achieve a breakthrough in technology, the cost will be The dramatic reduction is also likely to be the mainstream form of lightbox advertising. In addition, the three-dimensional printing itself imaging technology is equivalent to the use of optical encryption anti-counterfeiting methods, can not be as simple as ordinary print can be copied, counterfeit, such as the application of this technology in alcohol and tobacco, beverages, cosmetics, clothing, pharmaceuticals and other products of anti-counterfeiting Marking, will be able to make anti-counterfeiting and increase a line of defense.

Pharmaceutical packaging and printing, upgrading of business opportunities

The opening up of the pharmaceutical industry triggered a new round of competition in the pharmaceutical industry. There is a big gap between the packaging of pharmaceutical products in China and developed countries. In terms of printing, the quality of packaging is mainly low, and the security of labels, materials, and printing processes are insufficient for environmental protection and safety.

Drugs are special commodities for preventing and curing diseases and ensuring the health of the people. However, it is shocking that various kinds of reports about counterfeit drugs are frequently appearing in the media. However, the majority of medicines in China are still relatively simple in terms of packaging anti-counterfeiting measures. Some of them only attached laser anti-counterfeiting labels to the outer packaging boxes, and no more advanced techniques were used in the manufacture and printing of the boxes, which objectively provided convenience for counterfeiters. In Germany, there are nearly ten kinds of anti-counterfeit methods on a small pillbox, such as microtext, gravure printing technology and other anti-counterfeiting marks that can be visually recognized, and anti-counterfeiting marks that can be seen using special methods.

From the point of view of pharmaceutical packaging and printing materials, the barrier properties of packaging materials and the packaging form of pharmaceuticals are taken into consideration, and transparency, aesthetics, convenience of taking medicines, and economy are taken into consideration. There are: Pharmaceutical glass packaging. Despite the high energy consumption, high pollution, high cost, and low profit caused by traditional glass containers, plastic containers have replaced medical glass containers in many aspects. However, due to the unique properties of glass, pharmaceutical packaging At present, it is still the main packaging container for injections, infusions, alcohols, and wines. In medical rubber packaging, the chemical properties of natural rubber are unstable, and it has been included in the list of eliminated products. Butyl rubber plugs have good sealing performance and are increasingly used. In antibiotics and other powder packaging; medicinal metal packaging, mainly used as powder injection packaging aluminum cap, ointment and aerosol bottle and aluminum plastic blister packaging medicinal aluminum foil, etc., aluminum plastic composite cap due to easy opening, use Safety and health have been increasingly accepted by the market; pharmaceutical composite packaging, such packaging has a strong comprehensive advantages The superiority of other materials cannot be compared. Although it will cause certain harm to the environment, it has been generally welcomed. It has partially replaced the packaging of other materials such as glass infusion bottles. The plastic aluminum composite packaging has become The most important packaging containers for pharmaceuticals can be used for the packaging of solid tablets, pills, capsules and powders for oral preparations, solutions for liquids, and emulsions.

At present, the amount of medicinal plastic packaging materials has increased rapidly. Although it seems to be contrary to environmental protection policies, medicine is a special industry. The primary function of medicinal packaging materials is to ensure the safety of drugs within the validity period, and only pay attention to recycling. , will not cause adverse effects on the environment, therefore, the development of environmentally friendly plastic packaging materials is still the direction of development of pharmaceutical packaging.

After joining the WTO, one of the basic conditions for pharmaceutical companies to participate in competition is to obtain the GMP certificate from the State Drug Administration. In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has accelerated GMP transformation. The pharmaceutical packaging and printing industry must seize the opportunity to comprehensively improve the technological level. In particular, the entire process of pharmaceutical packaging production must comply with GMP requirements, communicate closely with pharmaceutical companies, pay full attention to the impact of pharmaceutical packaging waste on the environment, and vigorously develop environmentally friendly packaging products, explore the degradation of polymer materials in pharmaceutical packaging Application; to strengthen the R&D of OTC (non-prescription drug) packaging; to strengthen the research and development of child-safety and convenient medicine packaging for the elderly; taking into account both environmental protection and medicinal requirements, developing high-quality ointment packaging.

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