AT-60PO CNC Electric Plane Screen Printer

The AT-60PD CNC electric plane screen printer introduced by Dongyuan Precision Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a double-column design with full electric CNC operation. The features of this machine are: linear track guidance, stable and smooth electro-printing and plate-up process, printing stroke and speed can be set as required; blade angle, depth, level and pressure are easy to adjust; with suction table and fine-tuning on the plate The man-machine interface operation is adopted, and the functions are easily adjusted; The maximum printing area is 400 mm × 600 mm.

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Marquee Signs, also known as light bulb signs, is a special kind of sign that expose bulbs in the front. It is a vintage styled industrial sign.                                    To reduce the cost, Marquee Signs are usually made of galvanized sheet and then, painted with colors needed. It can be a large standing sign or a small sign hanging on the wall. Compared with normal led signs, the bulbs of Marquee Signs can be replaced easily when they are damaged as they are exposed in the front. If you are looking for such kind of retro stlye Marquee letters or Marquee signs, contact us now with your requirements for a factory price.

LED Marquee Letters

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