Analyze the standard classification of smart cards

As an information technology, IC card technology can be divided into three categories.

Professional technical standards

The technical characteristics, technical parameters, technical specifications, etc. of the IC card are specified. It is a professional technical standard formulated by the relevant organization for IC cards. The physical characteristics of the IC card are described in the ISO/IEC7816-1 international standard.

Application standard

As an information technology, IC card can be widely used in many industries, such as finance and telecommunications. Different fields have different application characteristics, application environments and application requirements. The application of IC card in a certain field must adapt to these characteristics in the field. The international organizations and departments concerned should refer to or follow the specifications of the IC card developed in this field for the application of IC card in the corresponding field. Standards, such as ISO9992, standards for the application of IC cards in the financial sector.

Basic standard

The generation, development and application of IC card technology are not in the air, but based on modern electronics and information technology. Therefore, IC card technology is inextricably linked with the above technologies. The international standards for modern electronic technology and information technology have become the basis for the development of IC card technology, and constitute the basic standards of IC card technology, such as ISO/IEC646 International. The standard specifies the ISO seven-digit coded character set for information processing-information exchange. This article is from

Therefore, the current technology and application standards for IC cards can be divided into the following two categories.

1. International standards, regional/national standards

International standards are mainly developed by relevant international standardization organizations and applicable to international standards, such as ISO/IEC7816 standards. The regional/national standards are developed by a regional or national standardization organization and applied to relevant regions or countries, such as the German DINNI17 standard.

2, industry standards

Industry standards refer to the standards of industry applications created by influential companies in the industry, such as the OpenCard system standards led by IBM, which have certain influence and binding on the application within the industry.

3. Enterprise standards

In addition, IC card technology and applications, especially in the initial development, have obvious characteristics of company (organization) promotion and regional application. In the early stage of IC card technology development, relevant companies (organizations) have greatly promoted this. Some internal IC card technical standards, such as the French BULL company, have become the blueprint for current international standards or international standards. The application of IC cards, especially the initial applications, is not balanced worldwide, especially in Europe, especially in France and Germany.

The standard has obvious characteristics of the times. There has never been a constant standard in the world. At present, the technology and application of IC cards are still developing and improving. Of course, the formulation of relevant standards will not stop, and new standards will continue to emerge. At the same time, some existing standards will be constantly revised and improved.

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