Epoxy polysulfone adhesive formula

1. Use

Epoxy polysulfone adhesive is made of pentoxide resin and polysulfone resin as the main raw material, with solvent, curing agent and other components. It is mainly used for bonding various metal structural parts, various cutting tools and other tools.

The agent is characterized by a high bond strength, good overall performance, but its water resistance, heat and humidity resistance is slightly poor.

2. Raw materials

(1) Epoxy resin: A generic name for resins containing epoxy groups. Mainly by epichlorohydrin and polyphenols (such as bisphenol A) from condensation. Soluble in acetone, cyclohexanone, ethylene glycol, toluene and styrene. Odorless and tasteless. Alkali-resistant and resistant to most solvents. Heat resistance, insulation, hardness and flexibility are all good. Due to different varieties, grades, composition, properties, and uses, epoxy resins can be divided into four types: pure epoxy resins, epoxy thermoplastic resins, epoxy thermosetting resins, and epoxy rubber adhesives. . It is one of the main adhesives of this agent.

(2) Polysulfone: A thermoplastic resin. Chemical stability, acid, alkali and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents. Has good heat resistance, cold resistance and high temperature creep resistance. Long-term use temperature up to 150 °C, can be used as engineering plastics. Tensile strength 70 MPa, bending strength 105.8 MPa, compressive strength 95.1 MPa. Can be used to make films, pipes, profiles and various parts. This agent is used as one of the main binders.

(3) Chloroform: Also known as chloroform. Colorless transparent volatile liquid. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, stone

Oil ether etc. Used as a solvent for fats, resins, rubbers, etc., used as an anesthetic agent in medicine. This agent is used as a solvent. Use industrial products.

(4) Dimethylformamide: The molecular formula HCON(CH3)2. Colorless liquid, smell of ammonia. It is miscible with water and most organic solvents and many inorganic liquids. It is mainly used as solvent for extractants. This agent is used as a diluent.

(5) Dicyandiamide: Also known as cyanoguanidine. Molecular formula C2H4N4. Soluble in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in ether. Used as fertilizer, nitrocellulose stabilizer, rubber vulcanization accelerator, etc. This agent is used as a curing agent. Use industrial products.

(6) Orthodichlorobenzene: a colorless liquid. Insoluble in water, miscible with ethanol, ether and benzene. It is mainly used as a solvent and paints. Use industrial products.

3. Formula (weight parts)

The formulation of this agent is shown in Table 5-2.

Table 5-2 Weight of epoxy polysulfone adhesive formulation


Formula 1 Formula 2 Formula 3

Epoxy resin 100 100 100

Polysulfone 40 50 20

Chloroform 200 - -

Dimethylformamide 25 120 20

Dicyandiamide 11 10 10

o-Dichlorobenzene - 120 -

4. Preparation method

Formulation 1 Preparation: Dissolve dicyandiamide in dimethylformamide in the container. In another vessel, the polysulfone was dissolved in chloroform, and the epoxy resin was added to the polysulfone and chloroform solution. After stirring, the mixture was mixed with dimethylformamide in dimethylformamide.

Formulation 2 Preparation: Dissolve dicyandiamide in dimethylformamide in the container. In another container, polysulfone was dissolved in o-dichlorobenzene, and the epoxy resin was added to the polysulfone and o-dichlorobenzene solution, and the mixture was stirred well and mixed with dimethylformamide in dimethylformamide solution.

Preparation of Formulation 3: The polysulfone was dissolved in epoxy resin under heat and vigorous stirring, and mixed with dicyandiamide in dimethylformamide solution.

5. How to use

The adherend surface is washed and wiped dry, and after being beaten with a hair dryer, it is preheated to 50-90°C (no need of preheating with Formulation 1), and both sides are glued and then allowed to stand at a certain temperature for a period of time to remove the glue. Solvent in the layer. Formulation 1 was allowed to stand at 80°C for 2 hours, Formulation 2 was left at 100°C for 1.5 hours, and Formulation 3 was left at 120°C for 1 hour. It was then cured at 180 °C for 8 hours under a pressure of 0.5 MPa.

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