Collection of stars: Thuja

"Thubai" is a rare species, but in the definition of the collection, several cedars can be called "yabai" because they can all grow on cliffs.

It is a clear hobby of collectors to enjoy the famous wooden flowers. A new plant variety has gradually become the new favorite of some senior collectors in recent years. This is known as the “living stone” of the plant. Some people even think that its aroma is more than agarwood, and its natural posture is comparable to that of huanghuali.

The so-called "Yha Bai" has two meanings of botany and collection. From a botanical point of view, it is a general term for six evergreen conifers of the genus Cypress. One of the main varieties is the name of the cypress of the name "Sichuan arborvitae". It is mainly distributed in the Daba Mountain area of ​​Sichuan Province. It originated more than 300 million years ago and once flourished in the Cretaceous Period. In 1998, it was listed as a species that has been extinct in the wild by the Red List of Threatened Tree Species worldwide. However, in the second year, Chongqing City rediscovered the wild population of Thuja, which has been declared “extinct”, and collected the plant cones. This makes it one of the most precious protection objects in the Daba Mountain Nature Reserve. Senior collectors told reporters that such a list of protected plants is not likely to enter the collection market. Therefore, the "Yha Bai" in the sense of the collection world is mostly other precious "close relatives" who belong to him. Among them, only the Qinling Mountains, which are produced in Sichuan and Shaanxi, are rare plants of the kind that grow on the cliffs.

From the perspective of viewing, Yabai is one of the most visually effective trees. The long-lasting cypresses grow on the cliffs and the soil is scarce. These cypresses can only grow in the right direction according to local conditions, resulting in a very varied form. Yabai will also form some nodules during the long growth process. The markings are very similar to the famous "Grimace" of Hainan Huanghua Pear. The thuja that grows on different rocks has different growth states and is very worthy of enjoyment.

"Smelling incense" is a unique pastime of the Yap's collectors. Yabai has a charm in terms of gas. Compared with agarwood, the good aroma of the yabai is more secluded and long, and it does not feel like a bit of incense when it burns.

Tea with yaobai is also an indispensable enjoyment for players. Good Yabai flour is rushed to quote, the aroma is elegant, and it has a different flavor than tea. Some of these aromatic ingredients can relax and relax. However, it is best to brew the thuja or the reverse osmosis water to make the essence of the taste.

Compared with other collectibles, Yap is a "small" variety that has only risen for a few years. It is estimated that there are only thousands of players in the country. Each piece of fine cypress is called “orphan” and has great potential in collecting value.

To choose the thuja, the first thing to look at is whether the annual ring is dense. Generally speaking, the denser the better, because the growth environment of the thuja is bad, the growth rate is slow, and the good thuja is often as thin as the hair. At the same time, it depends on whether its oil content is sufficient, there is a sense of infiltration, and the color of the oil is bright.

Then look at the proportion and shape of the thuja, the heavier the better. If the good thuja is put into the water, it will sink to the bottom. The specific gravity and the granite have a fight and the hardness is quite large. As for the form, of course, the more "eccentric" the better, but it depends on the personal aesthetic hobby, it is difficult to generalize.

Next is the smell of smell, the good Yabai scent is long and long, full of charm. It depends on years of experience to be able to separate.

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