Gravure water-based ink is still watching in East Asia

At one time, at the exhibition, he talked with the general manager of an intaglio electronic engraving machine. When asked about the use of electronic engraving gravure ink cones, is it more difficult to use water-based printing inks with greater cohesion? After stepping on his painful feet, he immediately changed his face and said, "What's good about water-based ink is that it's not colorful, and it's not green at all. It has to use a lot of heat to dry, and overprinting is even less accurate! ”

In the United States, especially in Europe, the color print of plastic flexible packaging is far more attractive in design and the screen is attractive. If you get it, you can see thick dots, and the resolution of the image is not as good as that of the Oriental gravure. Obscure, not that we used to see exquisitely bright and concave prints, but Westerners are as willing as they are. Because the oriental flexible packaging takes the delicate print effect of the Japanese, the use of electronic gravure engraving machine, the use of rapid evaporation of benzene, EMK, petroleum-based solvents, so the drying part can be shorter, and even without heating the wind can be dried , And the ink has a very good printing effect on the bottom and overprint.

In a solvent ink printing plant, the difficulty encountered is to change to a water-based ink. The first use of a diamond knife engraving gravitational ink hole, the depth of up to 45u ~ 50u, oily ink cohesion, a small proportion of light, in the printing hole can be instantly pulled out of ink, and there is a thick layer of ink, due to the solvent The rapid evaporation, so does not affect the multi-color overprint. Water-based ink has a completely different personality. The depth of the ink hole should not exceed 30u. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use an electronic gravure to engrave printing plates, and it is better to use a shallow ink gravure printing plate of the corrosion type to draw ink from the ink hole during printing. Pull out, at the same time flat and shallow ink layer, in the high-speed more conducive to hot air drying, in order to short-term evaporation of a small amount of alcohol (alcohol) and water evaporation, so that the pigment and mordant resin cross-link curing, is conducive to pick Printed or surface-printed white ink (looking from the back) down. Water-based ink plate to be changed, ink to be changed, pigment content of about 20% less ingredients, the general drying process of blowing, suction increase, and the temperature should be above 45 °C, if the speed at 120 meters per minute, the temperature To rise to a high temperature of 705°C, the dimensional stability for plastics is disadvantageous. In addition, water-based gravure inks are mainly distilled or deionized water, and alcohols such as ethanol and isopropyl alcohol are required to be below 30% in order to qualify as water-based inks. Therefore, it is said that the use of water-based inks is not necessarily lower. , More environmentally friendly, because the heating temperature can make the ink dry, coupled with corrosive plate processing waste is also a very tricky problem, about less than 10% of Japan use water-based gravure printing flexible packaging.

In Europe, instead of using waterless gravure to print flexible packaging, instead of using flexo printing with a photosensitive resin plate, plate making is relatively easy. Moreover, the ink layer is not as thick as the gravure plate and is not easy to dry. It is believed that European environmental regulations are stricter and require production. With no pollution, it is possible that Asia will still take flexographic ink printing in the future, and it will also respond to environmental requirements.

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