Waste plastics are made into recycled materials

Waste plastics are made into recycled materials in the following two ways:

First, simple regeneration: resin production plant and product processing plant corner material, waste directly melt granulation.

Second, processing regeneration: waste plastics → crushing → cleaning → drying as direct recycled products, direct granulation production of recycled pellets, after mixing with granulation.

  High heat resistance (some up to 160 ° C), cold resistance (low to -30 ° C), strong acid, alkali, heavy pressure resistance, static electricity, impact resistance, tensile strength, anti-aging, good light transmission, service life long.
Light and soft, fluent in writing, fast, safe and convenient to access data, help improve the efficiency of paper processing in banks, schools, government agencies, and companies, thereby reducing costs.
For the restaurant, the cleaning cost can be reduced, and the restaurant can be elegant and beautiful. For personal office, it is cool in winter and cool in summer, flexible, flame retardant, insulating, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, sound-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, non-deformation, non-breaking, anti-light, anti-fading, weather resistance.
 With a transparency of 90% (visual) or above, you can increase the pattern of the desktop and a little to block the true color of the desktop. It won't be watermarked on a smooth desktop!

  There are a variety of colors, flower patterns to choose from, and the decoration style of the room can be coordinated and pleasing to the eye. Make people's mood more beautiful.

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