New donkey outdoor knowledge literacy: a few tips for purchasing equipment

1. Notes The contents of this article do not apply to donkeys with better income conditions. Donkeys and old donkeys with relatively good economic conditions can skip this article. The aim of this article is to help raise the happiness of poor donkeys in the outdoors and make the poor donkey feel good and feel better.

2, never think "one step in place"
An "Arc'teryx" package is ten times as expensive as the "ACME" or "Polar" package, but not ten times more comfortable than a cheap package. Good equipment only means that it is suitable for your own equipment. It requires personal practice to experience it gradually. It does not mean that it is the most expensive price.

3, never buy the highest level, the limit of the equipment under the extreme conditions to the extreme area is not necessarily the old donkey's patent, but it must not be the new donkey Sahuan the land. Paying a few extra levels of money over ordinary equipment to buy extreme equipment and not having any chance to go to extreme areas is an excessive waste.

4. Never buy the cheapest things when there are choices. Sometimes expensive things are unreasonably expensive, but cheap things are cheap at all times. When you are faced with an array of shelves, a variety of different colors of goods, confused when choosing, remember that do not buy the cheapest kind of similar products.

5. Make a list and take out a piece of paper before buying anything. Write down your specific requirements for this item. There should be no less than 3 items and not too much. There is no such thing as a cheap and perfect thing in the world. The list is for compromise with the quality of things. You want to find something that meets your most desired conditions, and at the same time sacrifice some expectations. What makes people sad is that every time I list the first condition, the price is cheap.

6, do not talk empty-handed must follow the outdoor activities to experience, you know what equipment you need and your equipment limitations. Even if they wear liberation shoes, there is at least some experience.

7, buy anti-season when the advent of autumn, quick-drying clothes, when the arrival of the summer to buy Jackets, the price is absolutely more affordable.

8, good physical fitness physical fitness is the best equipment you can give yourself, even before you take the first step outside the only equipment. Staying on the bed for a weekend or staying up late at night can only disturb your body's internal clock. It's light that controls your biological clock, not more sleep. If you often lie down, try to get up and go outdoors to help build your body.

9, do not pursue the perfect 100%
Real life is impossible to have perfect, no 100% breathable and waterproof clothing shoes. So trying to reach impossible high standards is a waste of time. Instead, customize and compare the actual goals - this will make your life more happier.

10, have fun and more activities, less worry about some equipment, go outdoors. Start with easy activities and specialize in your free time and have fun - this will make you healthier, connect with others more and improve your overall skill level.

11, do not care about the quality of equipment to accept your equipment is not as good as others. It is impractical to force military rubber to outperform hiking shoes. It's important to try to make your equipment suitable for the activities that you want to go to. If there is no suitable equipment, it is necessary to reduce the difficulty of activities and reduce the scope of activities.

12. Saying no to this means that when you come across expensive equipment, don't continue to force it. If this is the necessary equipment for an event, go ahead and play other activities. If you forsake the essentials and continue to do so, you will be overwhelmed by the loss of dependable equipment, exhausted, and become victims.

13. Lessons learned from activities include slippage, bad equipment, and stupid things you’ve done—learn lessons and move forward, rather than always reviewing and reminding yourself of these things, and letting them drag your enthusiasm for the outdoors.

14, before you rent can also buy a lot of equipment can be rented in the outdoor shop. If you don’t participate in outdoor activities at a high frequency or have not yet decided what to buy, renting can be a great way to experience outdoor gear.

15. During the process of asking questions, they communicate with their partners. It is easier to compare the performance of the equipment under the same weather conditions. If your tens of dollars worth of equipment can get the same feeling as hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, congratulations, your equipment can be said to be successful (but this is unlikely).

16. Do self-analysis When you return home, you should write down your own feelings about the equipment in order to analyze the gains and losses. Only in this way can we continuously improve our understanding of equipment. And on the road with other people's communication to get a more accurate evaluation of their own equipment.

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