Use Corrugated Cardboard to Improve the Quality of Accessories in Packages

The lining mats of various packages made of corrugated cardboard can be designed in various styles according to the needs of the objects to be packaged, and the need for product protection can be achieved by inserting and folding into various shapes. They have a good packaging effect and are usually the first choice for accessories in packages. Accessories made of corrugated board have simple processing technology, light weight and low cost, and can also be reused in the lower corners of other packaging products to save resources and reduce the generation of waste. In the process of use, these accessories do not cause pollution to the environment and are easy to recycle, so they are widely used.

Internationally, these attachments are represented by Type 09 numbers. The national standard GB/6543-2008 also gives the specifications of various accessories and their code numbers in the standard data accessories.

What kind of accessories should be made of corrugated cardboard to meet the packaging needs? This is a problem that the designer wants to study and discuss.

Corrugated cardboard accessories, mostly in the form of inserting or folding, in the package, mainly play a barrier, filling effect.

First of all, to analyze the load of these accessories in the package during storage and transportation. During transport, when the package is subjected to an external force from the horizontal direction (X direction), if the brakes are suddenly braked, the internal parts will move forward in the horizontal direction due to inertia, and in the direction of movement, the accessories wall in front of and behind the parts will be generated. impact. Since the material of the attachment wall is a corrugated cardboard, it has a certain cushioning property and will reduce the damage caused by the impact force. At the same time, the parts may cause friction with the left and right accessory walls or the top and bottom packages of the parts. Due to the friction, the movement of the contents is quickly decelerated or prevented (the same is true in the Z direction). If the package is subjected to vertical (Y-direction) vibration and impact, the inner parts will move in the up and down direction, which will cause impact on the top and bottom of the part's packaging box. Similarly, due to the cushioning properties of the top and bottom packaging materials, It will also play a role in reducing the impact hazard. And it may also generate friction with the four walls of the attachment, preventing or reducing the movement of the contents up and down.

Except for special requirements, accessories do not play a supporting role in the whole package. Therefore, in the process of stacking, the attachment only plays a role in separation and does not contribute much to other aspects.

Let us analyze the possibility of damage to accessories and packaging containers during storage and transportation. Since these accessories fill most of the space of the packaging, the contents of the packaging do not have much movement space, they can access the attachment wall. Due to the friction, the movement of the contents is prevented. Therefore, the parts where the attachment is impacted and the package is impacted are not greatly damaged. These accessories are protected by the packaging container and will not be damaged in normal storage.

The above analysis requires that the attachment has a certain buffering performance and a certain coefficient of friction. Due to the requirements of processing and use, the attachment should also have a certain folding resistance. Attachments in the storage and transportation process, generally will not be pressure, can not afford the supporting role of accessories, the corrugated board edge compression requirements are not too high, so, in addition to special needs, the national standard GB/6543-2008 S- 2. The edge pressure and breaking resistance in B-2.1 can meet the needs.

A good package design means that the various properties of the packaged product are just enough to protect the product from manufacture to customer circulation. Pursuing excessive packaging will result in waste of resources, which is not worth promoting. How to maximize product quality and conserve resources? A reasonable ratio of raw materials, reasonable design and technology, and reasonable use are the solutions to the problem. According to the experience and experience in the work, the author put forward some countermeasures for communication and discussion.

Countermeasure 1: Choose a reasonable ratio of raw materials

The accessories made of general corrugated cardboard have very low requirements for edge pressure and bursting resistance, so C, D, E grade base papers should be selected as far as possible. As long as the performance meets the need, do not pursue excessive strength. Try not to use sizing. The original paper. Because the sizing base paper has high strength, the cushioning performance is not good, and because the sizing makes the surface of the paper smooth, the friction coefficient is reduced, which in turn reduces the packaging efficiency. Therefore, cardboard with high quality grades may not be suitable for making accessories.

1, insert format attachments

Mainly from the role of baffle, the raw material does not need to be too hard, the strength is too high, on the contrary, a soft material, more conducive to play its role in buffering. Rougher materials have a higher coefficient of friction, which helps to improve the protection of the contents. Plug-in format attachments are mostly upright when in use and require a certain degree of stiffness. In addition to raw material ratios, it is considered that, in addition to the base papers that do not suffice for sizing, the base papers of the same quality level should also be considered thicker base papers. In order not to increase the weight, the base paper with smaller tightness can be selected, so that the attachment can be maintained in a good upright state, which is beneficial to the operation and packaging effect at the time of packaging, and loosening some of the original paper buffering performance is better than the tight base paper, which is more conducive to the package The storage and transportation.

2, folding accessories

When selecting the ratio of raw materials, it is necessary not only to have the above requirements, but also to consider that the base paper has a certain folding endurance performance due to the folding requirement on the production and use, and a paper with a slightly higher folding endurance performance is selected as far as possible to match. Try not to choose the sizing base paper, in particular, do not use the sizing base paper for corrugated, because the squeegee will increase the possibility of facial paper breaking.

There are many types of base papers nowadays, and there is a wide range of choices. If you choose a reasonable ratio, you will find great potential in improving product quality and saving resources.

Countermeasure 2: Choose a reasonable indentation process

From the above analysis, the accessories made of corrugated paperboard, if the material's resistance to folding is not good, it will cause breakage during processing or during use. The selection of a reasonable indentation process is one of the countermeasures to reduce the fracture.

The width of the indentation line is appropriately increased, and the width of the indentation line is wider. During the indentation process, the stress at the indentation is dispersed due to the increased area under pressure, thereby reducing the possibility of breakage at the indentation. . The use of soft, less sharp indentation tools, such as plastics, can also reduce breakage at the indentation line.

If the folds of these attachments are folded in the same direction, a threading process can be used. In this way, the pre-stretching of the material on both sides of the indentation line during processing can also play a role in reducing the fracture.

Countermeasure 3: Choose a reasonable design

When not considering the effect of the attachment support, try to choose the indentation in the same direction as the flaw, which is a good way to improve the folding resistance.

The corrugated cardboard produced by a production line or a single-faced machine has a corrugated direction parallel to the transverse direction of the base paper. Select the direction indentation that is consistent with the crucible. During processing and use, it is to fold the longitudinal direction of the base paper. The first reason is that the vertical folding resistance of the base paper is higher than the horizontal folding resistance, so that the breakage at the indentation line is reduced. The second is the indentation in the direction parallel to the corrugation direction. The effect of stretching the material on both sides of the indentation is in the longitudinal direction of the base paper. Since the longitudinal pull-out force of the base paper is higher than the horizontal pull-out force, the area around the fold is reduced. fracture. In this way, the same raw materials, through a reasonable design, play a very different role.

Countermeasure 4: Choose a reasonable method of use

Corrugated board accessories, due to the nature of raw materials, its strength is a certain range, when using accessories, do not apply excessive force to prevent it from breaking. When using a folding attachment, do not fold it 180°.

Because the paper products are hydrophilic materials, the environmental humidity and the moisture content of the accessory materials during use are also factors that affect the breakage of the accessories. The water content of the corrugated cardboard is generally between 7% and 12%, and the paperboard performance and use The effect is more appropriate. The environment or material is too dry and will increase the likelihood of paperboard breakage. However, this is not to say that the wetter the better. Too wet will make the contents damp. Of course, the use is generally performed in the natural environment, so the user should take appropriate measures in accordance with the circumstances and materials.

These tabbed and folded attachments seem insignificant and have not attracted much attention from people. After quality problems occur, they often improve the quality by increasing the basis weight of the base paper. Some of the original paper will be changed to high-strength, sizing paper, may solve the fracture and other issues, but reduced the other properties, this will not solve the fundamental problem, but also increase costs and cause waste.

The amount of accessories inside the package is very large, as long as it makes some small improvements, it will make the original resources to play a greater effect.

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