Analysis of the Reasons for the Unsatisfactory Quality of Domestic Bookbinding

In order to meet the increasing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses, the development of the publishing and printing industry in China is strong, and the number and types of books published have increased year after year, and the requirements for the quality of bookbinding have also become higher and higher. The printing industry has greatly improved its printing technology and production capacity in order to meet the needs of the publication of books and periodicals. Some large companies have added new equipment and introduced new technologies and materials to shorten the book publishing cycle and improve the printing of books. The quality of the binding has made a great contribution. In spite of this, the quality of book printing is still not optimistic. In particular, the quality of bookbinding needs to be solved urgently.

Book binding quality status

In order to guarantee the quality of books, on the one hand, the relevant quality inspection departments require the major printing and printing companies to send inspection books on time. On the other hand, the quality inspection departments of the state's books and periodicals directly conduct random inspections on the market to understand the quality of book printing. Judging from the inspection results of the Printed Products Supervision and Inspection Center of the General Administration of Press and Publication, the overall level of quality of books in China is currently not high, and there are many problems in terms of word accuracy, printing ink, and binding quality.

In the books with quality problems, the quality of products that are caused by the binding problem after printing accounted for more than 60% of the products. For example, the folds of the folded pages appear to be wrinkled; the misprints, in-line posts, multiple posts, and fewer posts appear on the pages; Dropped pages, uneven books, post lines; cover curls, laminating plastics, wrinkles: hardcover shell warpage, etc.

Analysis of binding quality problems

There are reasons for the quality problems of book binding, and most of them are caused by the collaboration of publishers and printing companies, the management of printing companies, and unreasonable and unscientific technology.

Low quality of workers and uneven technical levels

Except for some large printing companies, many small and medium-sized printing companies do not do their own binding. Most of them are completed by private enterprises in townships, making post-press binding a intensive process with low output value, low profit, and high labor intensity. Workers in these enterprises have low cultural quality and lack formal training. Second, they do not attach importance to product quality. In addition, there are many manual operations in the bookbinding. To get a good job, you must have certain operating experience to achieve a higher level of technology.

Poor production environment

In the printing industry, we all know that the prepress working environment is the best, followed by the printing shop, and the bound production environment is the worst, while the production environment of the individual binding enterprises in townships and villages is even worse. Some of the binding plants are located in simple adobe houses, some of which are even semi-open; and most of the plants do not have heating in the winter and require coal burning stoves. Such conditions cannot guarantee the quality of products at all.

Management is not in place

The enterprise lacks a complete set of quality management system and lacks an effective monitoring mechanism. Some companies are reluctant to set up full-time quality inspectors and purchase necessary equipment to save money, and they are unwilling to improve the existing labor environment. Enterprises lack professional technical training and quality education for employees.

Low wages

Some publishers have repeatedly reduced the price of printing and binding work, the profit margin of enterprises has been continuously reduced, and some even can only maintain the cost, thus creating a vicious circle for the quality of binding. First, companies do not have the money to invest in equipment and improve the labor environment. Second, companies cut down costs and do not use suitable binding materials. Third, workers have low incomes, lack of enthusiasm and initiative, and unstable workers.

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