An internationally recognized water solvent for viscous fiber pulp

A group of pulp is placed in a water solvent and dissolved in less than 2 minutes, resulting in filamentous viscous fibers and other products. The technology led by Professor Zhang Xiaona from Wuhan University has been internationally recognized. Professor Zhang Xiaona also won the 2011 Anselme Payen Award. It is reported that since the establishment of the prize in 1962, Professor Zhang Xiaona has been the first Chinese to win awards.

According to reports, after 12 years of continuous research, Professor Zhang Xiaona and her research team have developed an aqueous solvent composed of sodium hydroxide, urea and water. This kind of water solvent can quickly dissolve the pulp by freezing, and produce various basic chemical materials such as viscous fiber. The technology has completed a small test, and industrialization is expected to turn agricultural waste (such as cotton linters, bagasse, shrimp husks, crab shells, bean dregs, etc.) into useful new materials. Previously, academia and industry have been using organic solvent heating and dissolution methods, in addition to high energy consumption, solvent raw materials used are also more expensive.

The Ansam Penn Prize is the highest prize in the field of cellulose and renewable resource materials internationally. The judges said: “The research team led by Professor Zhang Xiaona has opened the doors to the cellulosic material industry by developing a magical and simple water-solvent system.”

Product Properties:
  1.Excellent gloss and clarity increase the cleanness of the product.
  2.Excellent cold resistance remains the softness even under freezing.
  3.Meets the requirement of SGS,suitable for packing foods in   supermarket, such as vegetable,fruit and meat.
  4.It can break up the water drops automatically to maintain its good clarity and the food`s freshness.

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