Talking about: micro anti-counterfeiting printing technology

Precise printing and anti-counterfeiting are the anti-counterfeiting technologies commonly used on banknotes today, mainly due to the difficulty of plate making and high printing requirements, which are not generally available to printing companies and therefore have a good anti-counterfeiting effect. In addition, its beautiful and delicate fine stripes are easy for customers to identify, identify, have intuitive and convenient features, and its use at the same time can add to the manufacturers' products, can further improve the product's grade, so that products based on anti-counterfeiting Has a gorgeous decorative effect.

Micro anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology used on the US dollar. This technology can see the combination of letters under the magnifying glass. It belongs to the second-line anti-counterfeiting technology, which is easy to detect and hides the pattern. The factory can test the authenticity of the market products accordingly. Microfilming is a banknote making technique. Platemaking is more precise and harder. At present, the domestic unit’s bill still seldom uses this technology. Our miniature letters can generally be seen under a 15x magnifying glass. If the miniature letters are hidden in a certain position, the confidentiality will be better.

Fluorescence anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology currently used in renminbi, checks (red ink red light), notes, and has the characteristics of convenient detection and good concealment. Its detection tool, UV detector can be easily detected, and now there are counterfeit lamps on the cash register. The popularity of inspection tools has facilitated consumer testing. According to user requirements, colored ink can be used to load fluorescent anti-counterfeiting (fluorescent hair color can be different), or colorless fluorescent ink can be printed on anti-counterfeit labels (such as 80-year version of 50 yuan, 100 yuan of fluorescent anti-counterfeiting).

The comprehensive application of the above three anti-counterfeiting technologies greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting function of the logo. The unified combination of these three technologies has both high-end and hidden sides; both the one-line anti-counterfeiting technology (intuitive detection) and the second-line anti-counterfeiting technology ( Use instrument detection). It is the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for famous brand manufacturers.

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