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The bright sun in early summer shines into the eyes, the light of the eyes, and the youthful heartbeat. Let's Get Outside! is MERRELL's loudest voice, awakening a beautiful yearning for the outdoors. With your heart. What are you waiting for? Going outdoors is not only a step, fun, and enjoyment. Outdoors should have been an indispensable experience in life.

2011MERRELL launched four series of outdoor sports shoes and implemented Let's Get Outside's “music” spirit: the barefoot running shoes series developed a more healthy and comfortable footwear structure, bringing more natural to your outdoor running. Experience; multi-purpose shoes series for hiking, further improve the weight of shoes, and use leading technology in waterproof, breathable, shock absorption, to bring more protection for summer outdoor sports; casual shoes series is the pursuit of light Quantitative fashion representatives, dynamics and technology are perfectly integrated to seamlessly connect urban life with outdoor life; amphibious and sandals series, light weight, strong quick-drying mesh and special knife cut pattern skidless sole, provide feet Adequate protection to ensure that if you are in an upstream environment, you should be able to walk and walk.

MERRELL's 2011 new and diverse outdoor equipment allows you to release your mind, body and mind, break restrictions, enjoy wonderful outdoor life, and experience the tacit integration of people and nature.

Barefoot running shoes series

Ultra-light summer, super light running shoes new concept

MERRELL Barefoot Running Shoes - Breakthrough the construction principle and wearing experience of traditional running shoes, brings the concept of “ultra-footed” ultra-light running shoes. It wakes up your feet and makes you feel the closeness between yourself and the ground and surroundings when you are running outdoors. This feeling of running like a barefoot on the ground stimulates the muscles of the feet and lower legs to increase strength and increase range of motion. Allows you to get better balance, more flexibility and more significant body improvement.

Water-repellent leather is treated with a breathable mesh to create a soft upper. The three structural areas of the shoe play a special role in buffering the force of the foot: FLEXION bending zone, the design of the shoe's finger-like crossbars allows the forefoot to naturally twist, move and grip.

IMPACT ZONE impact zone, the support design of the sole and heel, helps to lock the foot in lateral movement, enhances stability, reduces mid-palm injury and accelerates running speed, and relieves the impact of the heel strike. force.

The super thin EVA midsole structure PROTECTION protection zone, the forefoot has ultra-thin (1MM) cushioning gaskets to protect, but also can improve the shock absorption and resilience.

In addition, barefoot running shoe toe is designed to be slightly upturned to reduce the toe area of ​​the toe, which helps to reduce the caries injury; AEGIS ® antibacterial technology insole and VIBRAM ® anti-wear rubber outsole further make MERRELL barefoot running shoes have a full range of Outdoor sports technology elements.

Multifunctional shoes series

Dynamic cushioning, relaxed combat mountaineering hiking

There are four series of MERRELL multi-purpose shoes, namely Hummingbird series, Chameleon series, REFUGE series and professional climbing series. All four series adopt the VIBRAM® mountaineering big sole specially designed, developed and used in cooperation with VIBRAM, and GORE-TEX® waterproof and breathable inner technology to keep their feet dry and comfortable while enjoying the light walking pleasure; AEGIS® Antibacterial technology, ORTHOLITE® antibacterial technology insole, so that the shoes to maintain a healthy environment.

The AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion at the heel is a patented MERRELL technology. It uses a double-density EVA midsole structure and an inner high-density wedge EVA structure to increase the stability of the foot; the outer low-density wedge EVA structure , make the impact of the heel on the walk get the most appropriate buffer, play a good cushioning effect, and provide adequate protection for long-distance mountain hiking.

In terms of style, MERRELL uses breathable mesh and leather combined shoe upper design, focusing on the use of color. The chameleon series invites Japanese designers to use Japanese red birds, bright blues, purples, and other Japanese birds, as well as the symbolic colors of the Edo era to highlight the taste of the East Dome trend. The Hummingbird series is a multi-purpose shoe specially designed for women's walking or biking. In the design, the shoe body is decorated in various colors, the smooth elastic shoelace, the decorative design of the pull rope lace, and the lightness of the features fully highlight the design. Female characteristics.

Amphibious shoes series

Lightweight mesh surface, Lingbo micro-step wading

Mele amphibious products are the best combination of outdoor and leisure products. Amphibious shoes use lightweight, strong fast-drying nylon mesh surface, with anti-tearing, fast drainage, breathable triple effect, in the upstream environment to provide comprehensive protection of the feet, while maintaining the feet dry and comfortable. The special knife cuts the pattern slip non-slip big bottom, is equipped with the special groove shading, the grip, the non-slip effect first-rate, guarantees you to walk comfortably in the water environment.

The design of amphibious shoes in summer pays more attention to the use of individualized colors. Fresh and light colors add vitality to outdoor sports. Specially designed for female models, Q-Form® Feminine Comfort Technology and ETC Cooling Breathable Insole help reduce friction and keep your feet refreshed.

Similarly, PU toe protection structure, AEGIS® antibacterial technology, EVA cushioning midsole structure, heel AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion, so that water sports no worries.

Casual shoes series

Trendy, outdoor technology infused into urban life

Injecting outdoor technology into urban life, MERRELL casual shoes add vitality and dynamism to urban life. MERRELL's casual shoes are the unification of work, life and the passion of Let's Get Outside. The casual shoes series is designed to pay more attention to casual charm. The use of Vibram outsole and Air Cushion cushioning air cushion technology are equally unambiguous, making travel more comfortable and safe.

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