Half-fasting therapy is talking health

You make it through the semi-fasting therapy? Half-fasting therapy is not a complete fasting, but a diet plan in a cycle that promotes the recovery of the body's self-healing ability. The principle of semi-fasting therapy for detoxification is to clear the intestines and then clear the blood. Have you tried this kind of therapy below? Lets come look.

Fasting and losing weight is not only better for losing weight, but also better

Diet therapy

1, let the digestive organs rest, function redistribution

If the stomach is always digesting and absorbing food, the amount of detoxification and metabolism of the body will not be properly allocated.

After the gastrointestinal tract reduces the amount of exercise, the body's metabolic function will be assigned more energy and vigorous exercise.

2. Eliminate toxins and excess substances in the body

Diet therapy

In the earthquake, those who survived actually survived by the backup system in the body. The energy of these backup systems is actually surplus in our body. In detoxification, the two most important stages are clearing the intestines and clearing the blood. The clearing of the intestines is to remove the stools in the body. Clearing the blood is to remove the garbage from the cells and blood.

Clearing the intestines is the stool

Each of us has a slumber, and the sputum is the source of all diseases. Even if you have a bowel movement every day, it will remain in the body. When fasting, the metabolic function is strong, and it can be completely excreted, effectively removing the body's stool.

Clearing blood is to remove rubbish from the blood.

3. Improve immunity

Diet therapy

After the process of blocking, detoxification, and reconstruction, the body's immunity will be fully improved.

For example, if a cancer patient uses a fasting therapy, the white blood cells and cancer cells in the body will be starved, the cancer cells will have no vitality, and the white blood cells will be more combative and survive by phagocytic cancer cells.

4, to ensure the ideal weight

Obese people, because of cell constipation, cause all organs to function poorly. The ultimate goal of semi-fasting is to produce high-quality protein and to treat inferior cells, so that it can maintain the ideal body weight. People with normal weight continue to ingest poor quality food, and the body will also be filled with inferior cells.

Diet therapy

After half-fasting, it may be slightly lighter than normal weight and become paralyzed, as if it is sick. But don't worry, this is the process of dealing with inferior toxin cells to create good quality cells.

Wait until you become slimmer and update to a good quality cell. If you take some quality food, you can return to normal weight.

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