Sunscreen Raiders for 20- and 30-year-old women

Ultraviolet rays are hidden by us every day to invade our skin. Sunscreen has become the designated action every day of the year, and sunscreen is not as simple as applying sunscreen. Women of different ages have different sunscreen preparations for themselves.


20 -year-old woman's sunscreen strategy

1, the texture of light sunscreen lotion

The problem often encountered in young skin of 20 years old is that after applying sunscreen lotion, the skin tends to grow dark particles and acne. This is due to the excessive secretion of oil from their skin, and the sunscreen with too thick texture can easily clog pores, make the pores inflamed and form acne. Therefore, girls of 20 years old should choose a sunscreen that is light in texture and close to liquid.

2, choose BB cream to battle

Twenty-year-old skin is youthful and invincible. In the summer of high humidity, BB cream with sunscreen effect can be applied instead of foundation. Because the problem of excessive secretion of oil from young skin will increase in summer, makeup will worsen skin problems. BB cream itself helps to treat oily and acne-prone skin, and most BB creams have the three functions of sunscreen, repair and modification, so you don't need to apply heavy powder, and don't need to increase the sunscreen. Just one step. It can lighten the skin tone, make the makeup light and breathable, and the complexion is bright and convenient.

3, sunbathing sunscreen

Girls in their twenties especially like to have a tan color. They certainly have the cost of sunbathing, but they must do enough sun protection to avoid the consequences of sun exposure after ten years. The sun protection procedure for sunbathing is by no means simple. It is not only necessary to take care of the face and body skin, but also the more fragile parts such as the lips and eyes. In the process, it is necessary to remember to apply the sunscreen lotion once every hour to avoid the sunscreen protection from being lost with the evaporation of sweat. In addition, it is necessary to spray a moisturizing spray every 15 minutes to replenish the moisture lost from the skin. It is important to remember to avoid sunbathing during the strongest UV period from 12 noon to 2 pm. After sunbathing, you should also do a sunburn treatment. Aloe Vera is the cheapest and effective soothing product. Apply aloe vera gel to your body. Soothes skin irritation after sun exposure. Of course, don't forget to apply a moisturizing mask to replenish the moisture needed for your facial skin.

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Win with a light texture and absorb excess sweat and sebum. In addition, if the skin is seriously dehydrated, you can choose some moisturizing cream with sunscreen effect.

20-year-old woman's sunscreen strategy

1. Eyes should also be sunscreen

The first symptom of a woman's thirty is the fine lines around the eyes. Although skin aging is the main cause of eye lines, it is also impossible to ignore the UV rays. If you don't do eye protection for your eyes, even if you apply more eye masks, it won't help. Therefore, it is necessary to apply eye cream with sunscreen effect during the day, and many sunscreen eye creams have a whitening effect.

2. Make good use of sunscreen cream

After all, it has passed youth and youth. After 30 years, the metabolism is slowed down, and the skin color is easy to be dull. To improve the skin tone, you can use the sunscreen cream before the foundation to protect your skin tone. To choose the color cream that suits you, you can follow the following rules:

Skin tone gray: Choose light pink, with pearl luster, increase skin gloss.

Yellowish skin tone: Choose purple, instantly go yellow, make skin tone more rosy.

Reddish complexion: Use green to cover red marks and make skin tone more even.

Darker skin tone: Choose peach color, dimming and dimming dark circles to brighten skin tone.

3. Prevention office trap

In the golden age of work, you may spend more than ten hours a day in the office. Don't think that you won't be exposed to ultraviolet light in the office. In fact, the photocopier light, spotlights, and even electric lights in the office will also be distributed. UV rays, hurting the skin.

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It not only blocks UV rays, but also blocks the ten ultraviolet rays that are exposed to the printer's light and light pipes every day. The texture is light and easy to absorb. You can enjoy non-sticky continuous sun protection both indoors and outdoors! Sunscreens with antioxidants also help the skin repair sun damage.

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