Multi-layer packaging bag structure like salad dressing

Patent name of a multi-layer packaging bag structure similar to a salad-like sauce Patent applicant Wei Zhihui Principal applicant address Inventor Wei Chih-hui, Chiayi County, Taiwan Application (patent) No. 200420077104.4 Date of application 2004.07.21 Date of certification Approved Publication READ MORE

Outdoor Clothing New Fiber - High Hygroscopic Fiber Rea…

With the development of competitive sports and the popularization of mass fitness, modern sportswear continues to progress and innovate in fabrics, styles and colors. From the point of view of fabric development, from natural fiber fabrics to chemical fiber fabrics to hybrid fiber fabrics, scienti READ MORE

High-grade ceramic decals fine screen printing technolo…

4. The relationship between outlets and wire diameters The screen used for screen printing of ceramic decals employs a polyester mesh of about 350 mesh. The intersection of the latitude and longitude lines of the screen forms a mesh hole, and the ink leaks from the mesh holes onto the flower pape READ MORE

Direct use of waste PVC

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products are many, according to the plasticization or not can be divided into two categories of hard and soft. Hard PVC products are produced with lower molecular weight PVC plus 15% impact modifier and 3% processing aids, while higher molecular weight PVC is difficult to READ MORE

Liquid packaging bottle

Patent Name Liquid Bottle Patent Applicant Zhuhai Bonded Zone Zhongfu Polyester Beer Bottle Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 519030 Inventor of Zhongfu First Industrial Zone, Nanwan South Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province Application by Huang Zhaohui (patent) No. 200420083606.8 Date of Applica READ MORE

Intelligent environment-friendly paper yarn composite b…

Patent Name Intelligent Environment-friendly Paper Yarn Compound Bag Making Machine Patent Applicant Lanzhou Jinan New Packing Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 730070 Inventor Chen Pengcheng, No. 120, Wanxin Road, Anning District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province Application No. 200420085879.6 Da READ MORE

Lead-free tin green printed circuit board process examp…

SL-2 Multi-Copper Surface Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Corrosion Agent SL-2 multifunctional copper surface oxidation and corrosion inhibitor is a new high-tech environmental protection product. It can form a dense organic film on the surface of metallic copper when it is in contact with it. As a resul READ MORE